Your Retirement Quest with Dorian Mintzer and Keith Lawrence and Alan Spector

Baby Boomers look forward to retirement with a healthy dose of excitement and anxiety. They tend to be unprepared for the realities of retirement–neither do they anticipate the challenges nor have they planned sufficiently to take full advantage of the opportunities. In addition, many Boomers have perceptions of retirement that are, in essence, myths. Your Retirement Quest helps prospective and current retirees understand and address the challenges, recognize and debunk the myths, and set the stage for developing a holistic life plan that increases the odds of a fulfilling retirement.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Challenges of Retirement
  • Myths about retirement
  • 10 key elements to a fulfilling retirement
  • And more!

About Keith Lawrence and Alan Spector:

Keith Lawrence has been a student of success for over 40 years, learning about how individuals, teams, and companies achieve their full potential. During his 32-year career at the Procter & Gamble Company, he traveled over three million miles to over 100 companies on his quest. Since “graduating” from P&G in 2009, he has consulted extensively, published several articles, spoken at numerous conferences, and sat on several boards and advisory councils. Keith catalyzes the book Your Retirement Quest and is one of the country's few certified retirement coaches. His wife, Sue, and he live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and enjoy spending time with their family, which is quickly growing with the arrival of grandchildren. He aggressively pursues his bucket list, strengthening his well-being and giving back to others to improve the world.

Alan Spector retired from a 33-year career with the Procter & Gamble Company in 2002 as Director of Worldwide Quality Assurance, having begun “practicing retirement” five years before. In retirement, Al pursues two of the passions of his youth: baseball and books. He continues to play baseball at age 70 and has coached his grandson's team. Al has written and published several books, including Your Retirement Quest, and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. He also consults extensively for companies and non-profits, works out daily, is an active community volunteer, leads a mentoring program at the high school from which he graduated, has sat on several boards, and is an active blogger. Al and his wife, Ann, live in St. Louis, travel widely, and enjoy their four grandchildren.

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