Working in Wonderland with Dorian Mintzer and Carleen MacKay

The 21st-century world of work is as unlike the 20th-century world of jobs as the modern drone is to the horse and buggy of great-grandfather's day. Suppose you coach clients in career or life planning. In that case, if you are a psychologist or sociologist helping people navigate this very different world of work, or if you are wondering about your job situation, this episode is for you!

Hard facts underscore this episode and make the case that how we work (and will work) has forever structurally changed. Ideas for you to incorporate into your practice or life will be presented. Come and be part of the call and discover resources and knowledge about the changes you may encounter along the highway of 21st-century work for boomers.

About Carleen MacKay:

Carleen MacKay is a multi-generational emergent workforce expert with particular emphasis on boomers. She has authored or co-authored four books on work/boomers and is a contributor to the Life Planning Network's book, Live Smart After 50.
Carleen has been a national keynoter in multiple media and Director of Mature Workforce Initiatives for Career Partners International, the talent management company with the largest global footprint. She has also been a product/service developer for nationwide clients from New York to Hawaii!

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