What’s Next? Meaningful Midlife Job Transition with Dorian Mintzer and Kerry Hannon

Whether you're seeking something traditional or more flexible, Kerry will offer tips and resources for finding work that will support you intellectually, financially, and spiritually and create a second act that matters.

Join career expert Kerry Hannon, a recognized authority on career and workplace issues, for an interactive session on how to craft a meaningful second (or third!) act. Learn where the opportunities are to make a living and a difference. Many older people continue to work – some out of choice, some out of necessity. Unlike many of our parents, most don't have pensions to fall back on to fund not working for a decade or more. Find out how to prepare for today's digital marketplace.

About Kerry Hannon:
Kerry Hannon is a workplace futurist and a leading strategist on career management, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and retirement. She is a frequent TV, podcast, and radio commentator and sought-after keynote speaker at conferences.

Kerry is the bestselling and award-winning author of 14 books, including In Control at 50+: How to Succeed in the New World of Work and Never Too Old to Get Rich: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting a Business Mid-Life, a number one bestseller on Amazon and selected by the Washington Post for its Book-of-the-Month Club.

Kerry is currently a senior columnist and on-air expert at Yahoo Finance. She was previously an expert columnist, opinion writer, and regular contributor to the New York Times, MarketWatch, and Forbes, as well as the PBS website NextAvenue.org personal finance and entrepreneur expert. She has also worked as a writer, columnist, and editor for USA Today, US News & World Report, and Money magazine and as a contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

Kerry lives in Washington, DC, and Boston, Virginia, with her husband, documentary producer and editor Cliff Hackel, and her Labrador retriever, Elmore “Elly.”

Get in touch with Kerry Hannon:
Visit Kerry's website: https://kerryhannon.com/ 
Buy Kerry's book: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/whatsnext 

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