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The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams…at Any Age You Want with Dorian Mintzer and Mitch Anthony

Episode Guest: Mitch Anthony, Speaker and Author

Episode Description:

More than 15 years ago, Mitch Anthony broke through the ceiling of retirement planning with his groundbreaking book, The New Retirementality. He changed the conversation about retirement from one focused solely on money to one focused on purpose.

Here are the aspects of an E.P.I.C. retirement:

  • Engagement: If you don't use your body or brain, you lose them.
  • Purpose: Money can fund purpose, but it cannot create purpose.
  • Integration: There needs to be a balance between vacation and vocation.
  • Challenge: Physical, intellectual, and spiritual challenges are the hallmarks of those who continue to thrive as they age.

Mitch has been challenging and inspiring people worldwide for close to 20 years with his unique insights into the pitfalls of traditional retirement. Podcast listeners will walk away from this exciting presentation with a new outlook (and vision) of what retirement is.

About Mitch Anthony:

Mitch Anthony is the founder and president of Advisor Insights and the Financial Life Planning Institute, the leading provider of financial life planning tools and programs for the financial services industry.

Mitch and his team have provided training and development for individual advisors and major organizations worldwide for almost two decades. Mitch personally consults with many of the largest and most recognizable names in the financial services industry on financial life planning and relationship development.

Mitch is a consistently top-rated presenter who has spoken to groups ranging from 10 to 10,000. He has been named one of the financial services industry's top “Movers & Shakers” for his pioneering work.

Mitch is a sought-after expert for the media, a regular columnist for Financial Advisor magazine, and the host of the daily radio feature, The Daily Dose, heard on over 100 radio stations nationwide.

Mitch is also the author of many groundbreaking books for advisors and consumers, including perennial bestseller StorySelling for Financial Advisors, cited by Financial Advisor magazine as the number one “must-read” book for financial professionals.

Get in touch with Mitch Anthony:

Mitch's website: https://www.mitchanthony.com/
Purchase Mitch's book, The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams…at Any Age You Want: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/retirementality
Grab our free guide, 10 Key Issues to Consider as You Explore Your Retirement Transition, at https://10keyretirementissues.com/

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