Testimonials for Coaching

"Dorian Mintzer is a jewel. In life, it is rare to find people who really care and who listen not only with their ears, but with their heart. Kind, compassionate, intelligent - Dorian is a gifted coach and consultant. Those who are her clients, associates and friends are truly lucky to know her. Thank you for being you."


Dorian has been my career coach for over 2 years and without her I would not have been patient enough to finally be employed in my "dream job". Originally, I sought out a career coach because I had "career anxiety". As an academic and researcher following the usual course of tenure and NIH funding, I was very unhappy. I felt useless, lacking in talent and creativity, and that my current career path was hopeless.

Still, I was surrounded by persons like me who encouraged me to "stay the course" despite my gut feelings that for me, it was all wrong. By working with Dorian, I began to let go, explore, examine possibilities and try these out. I eliminated anger and resentment from my life with her help.

I focused on new beginnings and seeing things as possibilities, not liabilities and deviations. I struggled to regain creativity and excitement in career possibilities, while realizing that despite what I said, I really didn't want to end my career and retire, because the "final scene" had not yet been played.

Today, I am utilizing my strengths and skills in a satisfying and fulfilling work environment. I have the social support and team spirit that was lacking. I am intellectually challenged and surrounded by bright people who are passionate about their research and careers. Grant writing and getting tenure have become background "noise" and my new focus is to enjoy using my strengths, skills and talents in preparing for my "final scene".

I don't know when that will be because I work everyday with passion, enthusiasm and enjoyment and am beginning to have a personal life again that is void of tension, guilt, and career anxiety. The search for the perfect job as a tenured scientist has ended-today I work with joy and fulfillment. That is all that is needed; not the struggle to achieve another credential or award. Thank you Dorian and all life transition and career coaches for what you do!!

Ph.D., R.N.

Dorian was very generous with her time, her knowledge, and her consideration of me. I was going through a prolonged and often frustrating job search/career change process. She helped me through this process by offering various perspectives and by helping me with suggestions and ideas. As a Coach, Dorian seemed to have a good sense of when to provide direction and when to allow room to explore various career possibilities. I am now employed thanks, in large part, to Dorian's coaching expertise. Her professionalism is beyond category.

Mental Health Counselor at Lahey Behavioral Health Services