Testimonials for Coaching

"Dori was extremely helpful to me in thinking through a career transition, on both a strategic and tactical level. I had worked at a non-profit job that I loved for more than 20 years, but was realizing that I needed a change. She helped me think through what I really wanted in terms of work, and also helped me reframe my thinking about work vs. retirement. Dori was a consistent and supportive advisor, helping me think through potential opportunities, how to present my strengths and interests effectively, how to navigate the career and job exploration process, and how to advocate for what was most important to me. I attended many of her interviews with authors and workforce experts, and gained a great deal from many of the books she suggested. In the end, I was able to find a non-profit leadership position that was a great match for both me and the organization, and am now happily pursuing the next chapter in my career."

Executive Director, Hitchcock Center for the Environment

"Dorian Mintzer is a jewel. In life, it is rare to find people who really care and who listen not only with their ears, but with their heart. Kind, compassionate, intelligent - Dorian is a gifted coach and consultant. Those who are her clients, associates and friends are truly lucky to know her. Thank you for being you."

Founder, The Spirited Woman

"If you are seeking solutions to a career dilemma that requires immediate change, Dorian Mintzer, career coach, embodies the mentor and life skills coach you need. With her patience, guidance, and personal investment in you as an asset, new broad-based coping and work-place skills are tested and affirmed. Her consistency, positivity, pragmatism, and belief in you as a valued individual gives you the tools needed for regrouping, aging, and handling the ups and downs of life-cycle transitions.

Without her wisdom and expertise in re-centering my life around my uniqueness and passions, the self-constructed mold of myself would have been designed by the world and confined. She has the capacity to transform individuals, thereby, contributing to world peace, gentleness, and day-to-day living."

Ph.D., R.N.

Dorian was very generous with her time, her knowledge, and her consideration of me. I was going through a prolonged and often frustrating job search/career change process. She helped me through this process by offering various perspectives and by helping me with suggestions and ideas. As a Coach, Dorian seemed to have a good sense of when to provide direction and when to allow room to explore various career possibilities. I am now employed thanks, in large part, to Dorian's coaching expertise. Her professionalism is beyond category.

Mental Health Counselor at Lahey Behavioral Health Services