Dorian’s Most Requested Topics

10 Must-Have Conversations to Have Before You Retire

Discover effective communication skills to help you create an individual/shared retirement vision.

It’s Not all Downhill After 50

Embrace your “bonus years” as a time of possibilities and fulfillment – pursue an encore career/new hobby, rekindle your relationship, or deepen your connection with family and friends.

Retirement is More Than the Money (for financial planners, lawyers & other professionals)

Discover communication and problem-solving strategies to help your clients develop a road map for their retirement transition.

Telling the Story of Your Life

Your life stories can help or hinder you. Discover how to create new stories aligned with your values and strengths in retirement. Dorian customizes presentations for your group

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Speaking Testimonials

Britton S O'Brien

Senior Vice President Human Resources,
Museum of Science

We're a non-profit organization and when we were faced with rightsizing, we wanted to approach in a very humane way. With a number of employees coming close to retirement, we decided to offer an early retirement program to eligible staff. As an organization, we wanted to provide a holistic approach to retirement by including a retirement expert as a resource for our staff. We contacted Dorian initially because of a colleague's referral and her credentials and we are so grateful that we did. The feedback from her two seminars was extremely positive and helped many of our staff think about retirement in a different and positive way. Dorian is professional, knowledgeable and empathic and I will not hesitate to engage her again!

Robert Laura

President, Retirement Coaches Association

Dr. Dori is the real deal! Her presentation was enlightening and game changing for a number of our members who specialize in couples and retirement. She has a kind and caring style that made it easy for members to interact with her and the time she gave to members after her session made a huge impact. Delivered beyond our expectations. Highly recommended!

Dr. Deborah W. Holton

Associate Professor,DePaul University

Dorian, thank you again for your stellar presentation to the Retirement Coaches Association 2018 Conference. Your informative insights continue to resonate with me as I help my clients mentally prepare for the "challenges and opportunities" ahead. You model the best of what retirement coaching can be, and for that I am grateful.

Keith Lawrence

Financial Planning Association, Orange County, CA

As a certified coach of Retirement Options, I recently had the pleasure of listening in on a call with Dori where she shared the key insights from her book, The Couple's Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must-Have Conversations for Transitioning to the Second Half of Life. As someone who has worked with hundreds of retirees over the last decade, I was so impressed with her grasp of the key issues people are wrestling with, in particular effectively engaging others who are impacted by the decisions we make in this stage of life. Her tools and tips will undoubtedly help all of us in embarking on these important conversations and being able to do them in a way that results in a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Rick Kagawa, MSFS, CEPtm, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

Financial Planning Association, Orange County, CA

Dorian Mintzer has a different view on retirement planning than the traditional financial planner. She talks about the soft side of retirement. She says how attitude and shaping attitudes can make retirement more fulfilling. This should be important to any retiree or potential retiree as how much money the will have.

Ellyn Cohen

Director, Author's Series
Rockland Jewish Family Services

My phone has been buzzing this morning with people enthusiastically praising your presentation for Rockland Jewish Family Service last night! The consensus is that you are a smart and engaging speaker. Audience members enjoyed your talk, and related to the stories you incorporated. Several people also mentioned how 'down to earth' you are. While many of us thought we had figured out our retirement plans, your talk helped us realize that there are many aspects we had not really considered, particularly finding new friends and purpose and meaning.

There's so much more to creating a fulfilling retirement besides prudent financial planning. People remarked that they bought your book, and immediately started "the conversation" with their spouse. It is remarkable how much impact one speaker, one book, can have on so many lives! Clearly, many of our relationships will be better, thanks to your wise and practical ideas.

Sharon Kirby

,Program Assistant
Natick Community-Senior Center

Dorian's presentation of Strategies for the Second Half of Life at the Natick Community-Senior Center this January 2015 was an inspirational, down-to-earth and personable overview of the many considerations individuals and couples can and should think about, talk about and act on for a more comfortable and easy retirement future. Dorian shared personal stories, specific examples of other's struggles and patiently answered questions. It was a wonderful, thoughtful and eye opening evening. Thank you Dori for sharing your expertise.

Tom Johnson

Family Service Coordinator, Mount Auburn Cemetery

Dr. Mintzer...Thank you for your powerful presentation at our 'Keeping Life In Order As You Plan for End of Life Issues' program at Mount Auburn Cemetery. It was a pleasure listening and learning from such an articulate, knowledgeable and captivating speaker --a rare find!

Patricia Smith

Managing Director
New Directions

Dori is a masterful coach for couples considering, or taking steps toward, retirement. Her insightful and open style sets the stage for a comfortable and rich learning environment. Both pragmatic and inspirational, she helps make sense of endings, new beginnings, and the medley of uncertainties in between. Many more important conversations are happening tonight because of Dori!