Retiring to Unretirement with Dorian Mintzer and Chris Farrell

We are witnessing a broad transformation of our economy and society. The old idea of “retirement” is disappearing. The boomer generation, poised to live longer and be well educated compared to previous generations, is experimenting with “unretirement,” including work in the traditional retirement years. 

The unretirement years may include part-time work, flexible jobs, temp work, contract work, a new career, or even starting an entrepreneurial venture. Their experience, wisdom, and, significantly, their continued earnings will benefit the American workplace, dramatically ease financial worries, and enrich communities and our whole society.

About Chris Farrell:

Chris Farrell is currently a senior economics contributor at Marketplace, American Public Media's nationally syndicated public radio business and economic program. He is also the economics commentator for Minnesota Public Radio and host of its series Conversations on the Creative Economy as well as a columnist for PBS Next Avenue and the Star Tribune. He has published five books on personal finance and the economy.

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