Retirement and Reinvention: Loss, Grief, and Transformation with Dr. Carolyn Walter

Episode Guest: Dr. Carolyn Walter, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Widener University, Adjunct Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Teaching Coach, Author, and Consultant on Grief/Loss/Chronic Illness

Episode Description:

Whether expected or unexpected, life transitions are the changes we face throughout every life stage, whether we like it or not.  Every transition involves loss and a personal process of healing that precedes growth and reinvention. Grief and loss are inevitable passages we each experience in our lifetimes. The loss of a spouse, partner, parent, child, or loved one is a personal and unique grief journey. Losing a dream, a career, health, or abilities can also bring about profound sadness and fear of the unknown.

The truth is that any transition through grief and loss can be lonely and difficult without support and understanding.

During this episode, you will:

  • Learn how the literature on grief, loss, and transformation helps us understand some of the dilemmas faced by those retiring and working on the reinvention process.
  • Understand why the transition from retirement to reinvention is often filled with fear, anxiety, and frustration.
  • Understand how an adult moves from retirement toward reinvention by meaning-making.
  • Understand the various losses and emotions faced by those retiring such as:
    • Loss of or change in identity
    • Loss of routine and search for balance
    • Loss of or change in work relationships, relationships with friends, and within the marital/partner relationship

About Carolyn Walter:

Carolyn Ambler Walter, Ph.D., LCSW, is a counselor, author, and Professor Emerita with 40 years of professional experience serving clients and organizations. Her extensive expertise in grief and loss and life transitions includes work with hospitals, hospices, and community groups.

As a guest speaker and renowned authority in the field, she has spoken at numerous conferences on grief, chronic illness, and women's health issues. She also conducts workshops for healthcare staff, counselors, and other helping professionals. In addition to professional journal articles,

A Visiting Scholar at the Stanford University Center for Research and Disease Prevention, Dr. Walter created and led two series for fibromyalgia patients. Locally, she has led numerous groups for fibromyalgia patients and families.

Dr. Walter has more than 25 years of experience in higher education, including 23 years at Widener University, where she co-founded the Center for Social Work Education.  She currently offers Teachers' Coaching workshops to support educators and administrators in building stronger educational programs.

Dr. Walter sits on the program committee of Peter's Place, a non-profit center for grieving children, teens, and families in Radnor, PA. She is a member of the Steering Committee and Peer Group Committee for the Philadelphia-based non-profit, The Transition Network, which helps women over 50 discover new beginnings.

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