Purpose and a Paycheck with Dorian Mintzer and Chris Farrell

Episode Guest: Chris Farrell, author, senior economics contributor for Marketplace and columnist for PBS Next Avenue and Star Tribune

Episode Description:
Purpose and a Paycheck is the title of Chris Farrell's latest book. The book focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and work in the second half of life. Growing numbers of experienced adults are starting their own business and working well into the traditional retirement years. An impressive body of scholarly research strongly suggests that given the opportunity, people in the second half of life can be as creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial as their younger peers, if not more so.
Tapping into the talents of experienced workers and breaking down the barriers of age discrimination holds the promise of boosting the economy's dynamism and household incomes.

In this episode, you'll discover:
The impact on the economy if more people continue working rather than retire
Why more people are working well into the traditional retirement years
The kind of jobs are people getting in their 60s and 70s
How to find a job in the second half of life

About Chris Farrell:
Chris Farrell is senior economics contributor at Marketplace, American Public Media's nationally syndicated public radio business and economic programs. He is economics commentator for Minnesota Public Radio and host of its series, Conversations on the Creative Economy. An award-winning journalist, Chris is a columnist for Next Avenue and the Star Tribune. He has written for Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Times, Kiplinger's and other publications. His most recent book is Purpose and a Paycheck (HarperCollins Leadership).

Get in touch with Chris Farrell:
Buy Chris’ book: Purpose and a Paycheck: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/purposepaycheck
Chris’ website: https://chrisfarrell.net/
Visit Marketplace.org: https://www.marketplace.org/
Visit Minnesota Public Radio: https://www.mpr.org/
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