Passing the Torch: Critical Conversations with Your Adult Children with Dorian Mintzer and Bob Mauterstock

Talking to your adult children about all the issues you will face as you get older is often very difficult. This episode will give you a practical and empathetic approach to working with your children to discuss and plan all the decisions you will have to make. Bob will lay out the steps to prepare and hold a family meeting to open the lines of communication. He will address such critical areas as legal issues that can impact the family, end-of-life planning, health care planning, and passing on a legacy to the next generation.

About Bob Mauterstock:

Bob Mauterstock is an accomplished speaker, author, and sought-after authority on the financial concerns of baby boomers and their adult children. For over 35 years, Bob has helped families achieve a worry-free, comfortable retirement. He has inspired baby boomers and their adult children to give each other the gift of communication and preserve their legacy for future generations.

He set up his first registered investment advisory firm in 1982 (Financial Action Plans, Inc.) and began doing financial planning for clients. In 1987, he became a Certified Financial Planner specializing in retirement income planning, long-term care planning, investment management, and legacy planning and worked with hundreds of families throughout New England.

After selling his practice in 2009 and officially retiring as a financial planner, Bob began to focus his energy on coaching financial advisers to learn the skills to advise their clients on eldercare issues. He has been quoted in several publications and appeared on several radio programs. In addition, he has spoken to groups of financial advisors and their clients throughout the country.

Bob has also authored four books, Can We Talk? The Financial Guide for Baby Boomers Assisting Their Elderly Parents, Passing the Torch, Critical Conversations with Your Adult Children, Financial Advisor Safeguard Volume 1: How to Protect Yourself, Your Practice and Your Aging Clients Who Have Diminished Mental Capacity, and Caring for Your Elderly Parents: Timely Tips for Baby Boomers.

Bob received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and a master's from UCONN. After graduating from Princeton, he served in the US Navy for over 4 years as a pilot in Helicopter Support Squadron 4. He holds the CFP®, ChFC, and CLTC designations.

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