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Navigating Your Second Career: Finding Passion, Purpose and a Paycheck 50+ with Dorian Mintzer and Lynda Smith

Episode Guest: Lynda Smith, a Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist who lives and works in South Africa

Episode Description:
Modern life affords us many options to traditional retirement that can provide a financial reward, intellectual stimulation, flexibility and freedom, emotional fulfillment, and overall well-being during your mature years. How do you plan and pursue alternatives to traditional retirement – including coaching, volunteer work, starting a second career, starting your own business, traveling, learning new skills, and enjoying family and friends?

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • How longevity and technology are changing the landscape
  • What tools to use to unlock and navigate your unique journey
  • How money and meaning are both currencies
  • Tools to help you discover our passion and purpose

About Lynda Smith:
South African Social entrepreneur, Lynda Smith, is at the forefront of a social movement to plan the extended work lives of 50-plus workers in both quality and duration – to benefit both individual and national development – and is regarded as a thought leader and advocate for the 50-plus generation. To this end, Lynda's 50-Plus Skills provides a forum for soon-to-be-retired or retired individuals to plan their future lives, upskill, engage with like-minded individuals or contribute in terms of voluntary mentoring programs or hands-on involvement in the social sector.

Lynda's empathy, passion, socially conscious outlook, and wealth of experience in both education and business provide the perfect foundation for an organization that helps clear the mists of uncertainty around the question commonly asked by retirees, “What now?”

Get in touch with Lynda Smith:

Check out Lynda's four-week course: Navigating Your Unique Second Career 50+ https://www.refirementnetwork.com/finding-passion-purpose-and-a-paycheque/

Lynda's website: https://www.refirementnetwork.com/

Lynda's Handout: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Lynda-Smith-presentation.pdff

Grab our free guide, 10 Key Issues to Consider as You Explore Your Retirement Transition, at https://10keyretirementissues.com/ 

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