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What You Don't Know About Post-Truth and Why It Matters

Join Us On This Webinar to Uncover the Surprising Truth about the
Chaotic Processes That Could Undo Us and Discover
How to Stop and Reverse Them

Hosted by:
Dr. Dorian Mintzer

Featured Guest:
Donald Officer

Why are so many people so easily misled by mistruths, partial truths, blatant disinformation, false portrayals, slick glosses, obvious reframing, misleading whataboutisms, frauds, scams, and outright lies? Where did this Post-Truth "infodemic" come from, and why now?

Drawing on his studies and experience with strategic thinking, psychology, business and government communications, culture, and education, Donald Officer has watched the reconstructed spread of Post-Truth, drawing some surprising conclusions. Putting his experience as a media observer and researcher to the test, he remains astonished at the extent of the chaos. You may be all too familiar with this paradox, but his discoveries might shock while they also encourage. If we can just survive this first wave....

In this program, we will uncover a few tentative answers to these pressing questions:

  • What should I listen for and contribute to this webinar?
  • What might I expect to learn or unlearn today?
  • What are the main sources of Post-Truth in my world?
  • How does Post-Truth affect me, my family, or my community?
  • As an elder, what can I do to influence Post-Truth impacts?

Note: This will be a webinar with slides.

About Donald Officer

Donald Officer MA is a non-fiction writer, independent researcher, strategic thinker and proud senior. He builds his practice as a facilitator, webinar moderator, and consultant while working on two book projects: the first exploring media literacy and positive social transformation, the second building meaningful connections among emerging contexts in collaboration with three other experienced professionals. He continues to freelance as a reviewer and writer with an extensive credit list.

Over the decades, Don has expanded his skillset by critiquing, consulting, teaching, coaching, and dialoguing. He holds certificates in facilitation, dynamic reading, hypnosis, systems. and procedures. A serious student of Positive Psychology, he belongs to the CPPA and volunteers for the IPPA.

Teaching at almost every level of formal education from elementary through post-secondary, including both community college and university, he would develop, adapt and deliver courses for the degree stream plus the continuing education arms of both university and community colleges.

Early on, he became editor and partner of an independent publishing firm, later moving on to both corporate and government editorial roles. Don also pioneered several online and distance education programs during online learning's early days and chaired the Ottawa Distance Learning Group. A university-certified facilitator and trained life coach, he develops courses for communications-oriented organizational applications, which he markets through innovative joint ventures.

Don remains particularly interested in helping workforces and multiple publics better understand change and where their contributions fit into larger schemes and systems. In policy development, administration, or communications, he spent his 19 years in the Canadian federal government pursuing those goals. He saw gaps and closed them.

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