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Increase Healthspan, Brainspan, and Lifespan with Ageless Aging

Join Us On This Webinar to Discover a Way for Women to Extend Their Longevity and Quality of Life

Hosted by:
Dr. Dorian Mintzer

Featured Guest:
Maddy Dychtwald

Women now live six years longer than men -yet, for most, the last decade of life can be plagued with cascading poor health and a lack of purpose. In other words, women’s healthspans and lifespans are out of sync. What if there was a way for women to extend not only their longevity, but their quality of life?

In this interview, Maddy Dychtwald will talk about her cutting-edge research that helps women take advantage of the scientific, psychological, and physical knowledge and tools to feel vital, youthful, and purposeful into their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and beyond. We are currently in the beginning stages of a longevity revolution with women at the forefront. Women hold the power to change the aging narrative once and for all, by emphasizing the gifts of long life and taking steps to minimize physical and mental decline.

Maddy will share simple and actionable steps to help women increase their healthspans, brainspans, and lifespans, including tips, techniques, and hacks (many of which are low cost or no cost).

Note: This will be an audio-only webinar.

About Maddy Dychtwald

Maddy Dychtwald is an internationally acclaimed author, public speaker, and thought leader on longevity, aging, the new retirement, and the ascent of women. She co-founded Age Wave, the world's leader in understanding and addressing the far-reaching impacts of our aging population, and has led numerous acclaimed studies on women and money. In addition, she has been involved in more than 25 thought leadership research studies worldwide on aging, longevity, retirement, health, family, caregiving, housing, and leisure, which have cumulatively garnered more than 14 billion media impressions.

Maddy has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Newsweek, Time, Fox Business News, CNBC, and NPR, and others. She has written many blog posts for the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post. Maddy is the author of three previous books: Influence: How Women's Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better, Gideon’s Dream: A Tale of New Beginnings (a children’s book) and Cycles: How We Will Live, Work, and Buy. Her newest book is Ageless Aging: A Woman's Guide to Increasing Healthspan, Brainspan, and Lifespan. She lives in San Francisco with her family.

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