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Build Your Resilience to Bounce Forward

Join Us On This Webinar to Discover Why Building Your Resilience Muscle is More Important Than Ever for Enjoying and Thriving in your Midlife and Beyond

Hosted by:
Dr. Dorian Mintzer

Featured Guest:
Eileen Caroscio

Change happens! Are you ready for what may appear on your horizon in midlife and beyond? Eileen Caroscio will present 3 key strategic ways to navigate those changes and bounce forward from the book, Midlife New Life: Living Consciously in Midlife and Beyond.

Eileen's father died suddenly when she was a teenager. This made her realize that life could change unexpectedly and steered her into a fulfilling career as a registered nurse, helping people adjust to health status changes and achieving next-level health goals. Her deep interest in supporting people's total well-being and their potential for moving forward beyond change and uncertainty expanded into helping individuals navigate the challenges and opportunities of the second half of life.

Being a nurse, consultant and coach gives Eileen a unique perspective for presenting ways to address those changes and challenges that can show up anytime. The program will provide you with a new perspective on resilience and an easy plan to bounce forward.

In this program, you'll discover how to:

  • Look at resilience in a new way
  • Identify and build upon the 4 main building blocks of resilience
  • Navigate typical transitions of midlife and beyond
  • Incorporate resilience tips from those we interviewed for the book
  • Create your own personal resilience M.A.P to bounce forward

Note: This will be an audio-only webinar.

About Eileen Caroscio

Eileen Caroscio is a multi-certified coach, consultant, and a registered nurse. She is passionately dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals and live their best life, especially those in midlife and beyond. Referred to as the "midlife muse," she engages you beyond your titles, jobs, and formalities to get to the core of what will enrich your midlife, making it more resilient, meaningful, and magical.

Midlife New Life: Living Consciously in Midlife and Beyond is the Amazon bestselling book she co-authored with Sandy Demarest and Paul Ward. The book supports the value of giving conscious thought to how you want to live out your second half of life. It emphasizes the importance of developing a plan for having more joy and resilience to bounce forward into an enriched future.

Eileen holds a baccalaureate of science degree in nursing from Catholic University and a master's of science degree in Nursing from Mary Mount University, totaling over 35 years of diverse experience. Eileen adds to her nursing, 19 years' experience as a consultant and coach for life transitions.

In her free time, Eileen can be found in nature walking, hiking, or kayaking. She has a fondness for foxes and can often be found with her camera capturing their antics and escapades.

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