Interviews with Experts Series

Revolutionize your Retirement: Interviews with Experts to Help You Create a Fulfilling Second Half of Life

On the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 12:00 noon Eastern (which is 11 am Central, 10 AM Mountain, 9:00 am Pacific, and 7 AM Hawaiian) and I offer a free monthly call for all of you (and other people who may be interested.)

My goal is to bring experts to talk with you about “what’s next?” I’ll interview the experts for 45-50 minutes, followed by time for Q & A. You will be able to call in or access the call from your computer. More information will follow. It’s a free call, but you’ll need to sign up for the calls below.

If you are unable to make the call, go ahead and register. We will send out a recording to everyone who has registered.

2021 Programs

No December 2021 program due to the holidays.  See you in 2022!

2022 Programs

  • January 25, 2022: Elizabeth Isele, Founder and CEO of the Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship will focus on “Positive ways seniors are not only smashing the negative stereotypes of aging but, even more, are activating their experiences to build vibrant communities and more sustainable economies worldwide.”
  • February 22, 2022: Glenn Frank, Financial Advisor, Retirement Advisor and Educator will focus on his approach and book: Your Encore–Retirement Planning Guide: How to Balance Time, Money, and Joy. He is Director of Lexington Wealth Management and received the 2019 “Planner of the Year” award from the Massachusetts Financial Planning Association.
  • March 22, 2022: Dana Griffin, co-founder and CEO of and an Encore Gen2Gen Innovator Fellow. Dana will discuss Eldera, ai, the global virtual village she developed where generations come together to connect, learn from each other, have fun, and create a better future for all. Eldera connects kids from around the world with vetted older mentors for weekly virtual connections which may include conversation, storytime, and activities.
  • April 26, 2022: Carol Orsborn, a leading writer and spokesperson. In this pre-recorded call, she’ll focus on her recent book, The Making of an Old Soul: Aging as the Fulfillment of Life’s Promise. Carol is the author of over 30 books about the boomer generation, spirituality, aging and the quality of life.

This Month’s Program

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What others are saying about the series: 

“You’re such a great interviewer. Kind of like NPR’s Terry Gross–you are willing to dig in.”
~~Richard Leider, founder of Inventure–The Purpose Company, one of American’s preeminent Executive-Life Coaches

“Oh my gosh, what a WONDERFUL session with Louise Aronson this morning! I was writing so fast, so much great info and I can’t wait to listen to it again. So grateful for the opportunity. I’m reading her book, but hearing her “live” was so empowering. Thank you again for this, and I’m putting your other sessions on my calendar. Thanks so much for all you do, Dori.  You are a needed service in our world!
~~Wendy Pender, Older Adults Program Coordinator
King County Library System

“I’ve attended your retirement webinars since they began. You are a gifted, thoughtful interviewer and perform a wonderful service for all of us bewildered boomers and those coming after us. Thank you for all you do and please keep it up.”
~~Sarah Powers

“I regularly attend Dori’s monthly Revolutionize your Retirement Interview with Expert’s Series. She invites interesting, articulate people to discuss their work, ideas, and/or books on all facets of living an engaged, fulfilled second half of life. She has a gift for asking good questions, engaging in dialogue with her guests, and then inviting comments and questions from her listeners. It is directed to professionals and the public and, as a professional, I almost always come away with new information and ideas, and glad I spent the time in his virtual community.”
~~Margaret (Meg) L. Newhouse, Ph.D.
Passion and Purpose LifeCrafting

“I so admire and appreciate the time, the devotion, and the network you have created that bring so many inspiring people to your work.”
~~Elizabeth Bell, Ph.D., Consultant and Coach
Founder, Elder Wisdom Initiative

“When I was first introduced to the concept of positive aging, as the main thrust of my new semi-retirement position, I discovered Dorian’s monthly “Interviews with the Experts” series which introduced me to a variety of experts in the field of retirement and aging: Richard Leider, Louise Aronson, Connie Zweig, Elizabeth Fideler, Kerry Hannon, Sara Zeff Geber, Jan Hively, Moira Allen, and many more. Her insightful questions and gentle style always bring out the richness of her speakers’ experiences and demonstrates Dori’s finely-honed coaching skills. Every interview is filled with new concepts, research learnings, and tools for those in the Third Stage of Life. These inspiring interviews teach us what it means to age purposefully, retire with hope, re-engage and live the life we were meant to have!”
~~Pamela Ramsden, Manager
Coming of Age


Our previous guests have included:

  • Kendall Dudley — Travel as a Mirror and a Map
  • Alan O’Hare —  Honoring the Art of Our Lives
  • Carleen MacKay — Working in Wonderland, Part 1
  • Keith Lawrence and Alan Spector — Your Retirement Quest
  • Bob Weber — Exploring Spiritual Opportunities in the Second Half of Life
  • Kerry Hannon — Strategies for 50+ Job Hunters
  • Andrea Gallagher, Mary Radu, Bruce Frankel and Natalie Eldridge — Live Smart After 50!
  • Viki Kind —  Getting Caregivers to Accept Help
  • Marci Alboher —  How to Make a Living and Make a Difference in the Second Half of Life
  • Bruce Frankel —  What Should I Do With the Rest of My Life? and How Dance Can Protect Your Brain
  • Lynne and Josh Berrett —  Music for an Ageless Mind
  • Betsy Werley —  The Caring Collaborative
  • Jan Hively and Moira Allan — “We are the Ones” — Pass It On!
  • Renée Rosenberg — Achieving the Good Life After 50: Tools and Resources for Making it Happen
  • Ruth Nemzoff — Don’t Bite Your Tongue and Don’t Roll Your Eyes: Find Ways to Get Along with Adult Children and In-Laws
  • Andrea Gallagher — What Do You Know About The Cards You’ve Been Dealt?
  • Jan Cullinane — Think We Know How We Think?  Think Again!
  • Abigail Trafford — New Road-No Rules for Work, Love and Play in the Bonus Decades
  • Julie Shifman — Imagine. Then Do It!
  • Sallie Felton —  Why We Get In Our Own Way Dealing With the 3 Types of Clutter
  • Sara Zeff Geber — Fifty-Plus, Minus Kids:  The Unique Challenges of “Solo Agers”
  • Holly Thomas — Financial Lifestyle Planning
  • Kerry Hannon — What’s Next?  Meaningful Midlife Job Transitions
  • Vic Strecher — On Purpose:  Lessons in Healthy Retirement
  • John Sorensen from The Conscious Elders Network and Ron Pevny from The Center for Conscious Eldering — The Conscious Eldering Approach
  • Denise Archie — Your 5 Keys to Juggling Success for Boomers and Beyond
  • Dr Karl Singer — How to Maximize Your Health in the Fourth and Fifth Age
  • Dr. Elizabeth Fideler —  Deciding Not to Retire or to Un-Retire
  • Douglas Goldstein — What Investors Don’t See That’s Ruining Their Portfolios, and What They Can Do to Fix It
  • David Campbell — Creating, Funding, and Running a Volunteer Organization in Your Third Act
  • Robert Laura — No Regrets Retirement Planning: An Empowering Look At Maximizing Retirement’s Opportunities
  • Chris Farrell — Retiring to Unretirement
  •  Suzanne Braun Levine  — Revinventing Your Life: Embracing the Second Half of Life
  • Jay Goldfarb — Legacy of Wisdom – Making Wisdom a Central Theme of Aging
  • Sue Levy — Make Healthy Eating Happen in 2015!
  •  Kim Porgieter —   Planning For No Regrets
  • Helen Dennis — Age & Retirement: Some Game Changers
  • Alice Aspen March — It’s Never Too Late to Get the Kind of Attention You Need
  • Robert Weber, Ph.D. and Carol Orsborn, Ph.D. — The Spirituality of Age
  • Roger Landry — Live Long, Die Short: Authentic Health and Successful Aging
  • Meg Newhouse. Ph.D. — Legacies of the Heart: Living a Life That Matters
  • Mary Tyrrell — From Inception to Retirement: How I Help Elders to Record their Memoirs
  • Bob Mauterstock — Passing the Torch: Critical Conversations with Your Adult Children
  • Dr. Harry “Rick” Moody — Dreams for the Second Half of Life
  • Greg Finch — The Art of Creative Caregiving
  • Dr. Tom Kottke — Positive Health and Well-Being for You and Your Patients
  • Dr. Bill Sadler — Adult Development IN Aging
  • Viki Kind — Caregiving and New Tools to Help Caregivers
  • Connie Goldman — Partnerships and Adjustments in Later Life
  • Dana Steinova– Memory Training: Developing Confidence in Your Abilities
  • Dr. George H. Schofield — The Many Faces of Retirement
  • Mitch Anthony — The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams…at Any Age You Want
  • Jan Hively and Moira Allan – Digital Globetrotting with the Pass It On Network
  • Louis Tenenbaum — Policy, Housing, and an Aging Society
  • Dr. Carolyn Walter,  The Retirement/Reinvention Years: Grief, Loss, and Transformation
  • John C. Robinson: The Psychology, Spirituality, and Mysticism of Conscious Aging
  • Barbara Shaiman: Living Your Legacy Now!
  • Ashton Applewhite: This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism
  • Jann Freed: How to Lead With Wisdom
  • Cynthia R. Green: Welcome to the Brain Age: The Revolutionary New Science of Cognitive Health and What You Should Know About It
  • Gregg Levoy: Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion
  • David Holland: Retirement Planning Essentials
  • Kathleen Burns Kingsbury: Breaking Money Silence: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk more Openly about Finances and Live a Richer Life
  • Dr. Bill Thomas: The MAGIC of Minka
  • Dr. Sara Zeff Geber: Planning for Retirement and Beyond and a Solo Ager
  • Dr. Gillian Leithman: Aging in the 21st Century Workforce: The Work Motivation of Mature Workers
  • Fred Mandell: Roads Taken: Work as the Expression of the Questions We Are Asking Ourselves
  • Nancy Collamer: Design Your Second Act Career
  • Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle: Aging with Wisdom
  • Jan Hively and Meg Newhouse: Positive/Vital Aging: Life Long
  • Louise Nayer: Emotional Planning for Retirement
  • Marc Freedman: How to Live Forever
  • Bruce Frankel and Paul Nagle: Creating a Grassroots Force to Change Policy and Build Community
  • Richard Eisenberg: The 10 Secrets of a Happy Retirement
  • Connie Zweig: The Reinvention of Retirement
  • Mark Miller: The Jolt Phenomenon
  • Joy Loverde: We’ll Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends
  • Jeri Sedlar: Don’t Retire, REWIRE!
  • Kerry Hannon: Never Too Old To Get Rich
  • Chris Farrell, Purpose and a Paycheck
  • Lori Bitter, Hacking Longevity: How 3 Generations Over 50 are Thinking About a 100-Year Life
  • John Leland, The Paradox of Aging: Why People Are Happier as They Age
  • Teresa Amabile, Exploring Your Identity, Creativity, and Life Structure in Retirement
  • Lynda Smith: Navigating Your Second Career: Finding Passion, Purpose and a Paycheck 50+
  • Mary Pipher, Women Rowing North
  • Raines Cohen: Aging in Community: New (and Old) Ways of Living Well Together
  • Chip Conley: The Making of a Modern Elder
  • Ellen Langer: The Art and Science of Mindfulness
  • Nancy Walton-House and Wendy Pender: Libraries Serving Older Adults through Community Partnership
  • Mark Fischer and Lucy Rose Fischer: How to Make Your Older Years the Best Time of Your Life
  • Dr. Ken Dychtwald: What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life’s Third Age
  • George Kinder: Life Planning, Mindfulness, and a Golden Civilization
  • Wendy Marx: How To Brand Yourself in a Changed World
  • Dr. Louise Aronson: Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, Reimagining Life
  • Dr. Richard Leider, The Path of Purposeful Aging
  • Harry Margolis: Disaster-Proof Your Retirement
  • Elizabeth Fideler: Aging, Work, and Retirement: A Trifecta of Challenges
  • Bruce Feiler: Life is in the Transitions
  • Helen Dennis, Game Changers in Aging
  • Kerry Hannon, Navigating the New World of Work
  • Rabbi Laura Geller, Getting Good at Getting Older
  • Claire Panke: Light Years: Intergenerational Stories of Resilience, Creativity, and Meaning in Later Life
  • Richard Leider: Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old?
  • Connie Zweig: Retirement: From Role to Soul