Honoring the Art of Our Lives with Dorian Mintzer and Alan O’Hare

What are you doing with your life's stories?

We reach a time in our lives during the third stage when we still envision what we seek to accomplish or discover, but more of our lives are devoted to reflections on the journey that has brought us to this point. In this interview, Alan C. O'Hare discusses his journey as a community psychologist, university educator, actor, playwright, and director, all woven together in his calling and artistry as a “Seanchai/storyteller.”

These skills are also integrated into being a “curator” who highlights moments from a person's life that can be honored through the art of a story, a journal, a performance piece, music, dance, or visual art form. His model can also be adapted to the life journey of a family, clan, community, or culture.

About Alan O’Hare:

Alan C. O'Hare is a community psychologist, university educator, actor, playwright, and director. He's both a Celtic storyteller and a Seanchai storyteller. Alan has an incredible history at the Centre for Community Counseling and Education.  He was the director of the Girls Center in Walpole, Mass.

He's done consultation in addition to training, instructional design, organizational development work, educational media, as well as community development work. He is a gifted playwright and has both acted and written many plays.

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