Encore Careers: Creating an Online Business in Your Retirement

Whether we like it or not, we live in the information age. And, because we’re people of, ahem, a certain age, we’re carrying around a wealth of valuable information. What if there was a cost effective way to package your knowledge and sell it? Have you considered creating an online business?

That’s not what I set out to do when I started my coaching business eight years ago. In the past 5 years, though, I’ve become a total techno-geek. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I understand how the technology I use works, or even that I personally make it work. But, I love using it. I love the way it allows me to have fun connecting with people all over the world and creating wonderful relationships – like writing my biweekly email newsletter!

It’s also been crucial in helping me build a successful business. Without the miracle of the Internet, I most likely would not be in business today.

I owe it all to one amazing woman, Donna Gunter. She’s my virtual (she’s in Texas, I’m in Massachusetts) online business manager extraordinaire. Not only does she love the technology, but over the years she’s become an online business resource queen. And, while she’s (mostly) taken me kicking and screaming to each new technology, once there, I fall in love. Why? Because, whole new worlds are open to me, and I’m having a blast!

If you’d like to explore the possibility of starting an online business, be sure to check out this great resource: Donna’s OnlineBizU.com. Because she can only work with a handful of businesses at any given time; she created this really cool, private, members-only community for online business owners who want to get serious about Internet marketing. It’s loaded with truly everything you ever wanted to know about doing business on the Internet, including a wealth of valuable tips and resources, and over 200 information-packed, how-to articles on everything from growing a mailing list and increasing traffic to your web site to developing information products and creating passive revenue streams.

Plus, there’s a step-by-step guide to marketing your business online, member promotional forum and free monthly teleclass.

I refer all of my entrepreneur clients who want to have a strong Internet presence to OnlineBizU, and they’re always impressed with how generous Donna is with her expertise, and how quickly she helps them achieve their business goals.

One of my clients decided that her encore career would be to become the owner of an online quilting fabric company. Well, she applied what she learned at OnlineBizU to her online quilt fabrics business, and she’s light years ahead of her competition. What’s stopping you from creating your encore career online?

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