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Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age with Chip Conley

It is time to reframe how we think about midlife, the transition period of life between young adulthood and old age, as not a “crisis” but a chrysalis — where a profound transformation happens. In his book, Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age, Chip Conley offers an alternative narrative to the way we commonly think of our 40s and beyond, and reminds us that life begins at 50 with the best of our days still ahead of us.

He began exploring the physical, emotional, mental, vocational, and spiritual transitions that happen in our 40s, 50s, and 60s with a desire to share his learning freely. People are living longer than ever before, and because of this midlife becomes even more of an important time in our life. This life stage opens the door to embracing new perspectives and ways of thinking that have the potential to change our lives.

In this program, you'll discover how to:

  • Prevent anticipation of your future regret as a form of wisdom that you can embrace any time in your life
  • Grow comfortable in your own skin
  • Redefine what a successful life looks like
  • Let go of our emotional baggage, mindsets, and obligations that no longer serve us as a part of the “Great Midlife Exit”
  • Feel a part of something bigger than ourselves and growing whole

Note: This is an audio-only webinar. 

Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, and 7 AM Hawaiian)

Topic: Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age

Speaker: Chip Conley, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of the Modern Elder Academy

ChipConleysmall Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age with Chip ConleyAbout Chip Conley

Chip Conley is on a midlife mission. After disrupting the hospitality industry twice, first as the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, the second-largest operator of boutique hotels in the U.S., and then as Airbnb's Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, leading a worldwide revolution in travel, Conley co-founded MEA (Modern Elder Academy) in January 2018 in Baja California, Mexico. Inspired by his experience of intergenerational mentoring as a “modern elder” at Airbnb, where his guidance was instrumental to the company's extraordinary transformation from fast-growing start-up to the world's most valuable hospitality brand, MEA is the world's first “midlife wisdom school” and has a campus opening on a 2,600-acre regenerative horse ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico in April 2024.

Dedicated to reframing the concept of aging, MEA supports students to navigate midlife with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility. A New York Times bestselling author, Conley's seventh book, Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better with Age, is about rebranding midlife to help people understand the upside of this often-misunderstood life stage.

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From Retirement to Preferment: How to Create the Next Best Stage of Your Life with Barbara Waxman

We live in a culture that believes anyone beyond midlife is on a slippery slope towards their demise. The truth is, you can harness the authorship of your next chapter to become your best self for the longest time possible and for what matters most.

If you both look forward to and live in fear of retirement or know someone approaching this stage, join master coach and gerontologist Barbara Waxman to learn how to harness your wisdom and energy to do this differently, including:

  • Shift from the old-school mindset of retirement-learn, earn, and retire-to embrace what it means to be age-agnostic.
  • Embrace a new language pattern that will enable you to see the possibilities of a life stage that is multi-dimensional and aspirational.
  • Gain the clarity you need for your next chapter to live authentically and aligned with your core values.
  • Understand the Seven Lifestyle Levers™ that integrate body, mind, and spirit to create alignment between your healthspan (the quality of your years) and your lifespan (the quantity of years).

Note: This is an audio-only webinar. 

Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, and 7 AM Hawaiian)

Topic: From Retirement to Preferment: How to Create the Next Best Stage of Your Life

Speaker: Barbara Waxman, coach, life stage expert, gerontologist, speaker, author, angel investor 2024_Headshot_Transparent_Rectangle-small From Retirement to Preferment: How to Create the Next Best Stage of Your Life with Barbara Waxman

About Barbara Waxman

Barbara Waxman, the founder of The Odyssey Group, is a highly sought-after longevity and leadership advocate, advisor, coach, speaker, and author. Barbara translates cutting-edge research and collective wisdom in ways that enable individuals, groups, media outlets, and others to understand how the dynamics of our aging world impact individuals, communities, companies, and the planet.

Barbara's leadership as a gerontologist in the coaching field has culminated in the transformative coaching model Entrepreneurship Turned Inward™ (ETI), the evidence-based Seven Lifestyle Levers Assessment™ and the Longevity Roadmap™.

Barbara is an Advisor to the Stanford Center on Longevity, Stanford Lifestyle Medicine and is a faculty member at Chip Conley's Modern Elder Academy. She is the author of two books examining aging, including The Middlescence Manifesto: Igniting the Passion of Midlife and How to Love Your Retirement. She recently authored a chapter on avoiding burnout for healthcare professionals in the book The Successful Health Care Professional's Guide.

Barbara holds a master's degree in Gerontology and Public Administration from the University of Southern California, is a Colgate University graduate, and is a Wexner Heritage Foundation Fellow. In addition, she earned her coaching certifications from the International Coach Federation and The Hudson Institute.

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What You Don’t Know About Post-Truth and Why It Matters with Donald Officer

Why are so many people so easily misled by mistruths, partial truths, blatant disinformation, false portrayals, slick glosses, obvious reframing, misleading whataboutisms, frauds, scams, and outright lies? Where did this Post-Truth “infodemic” come from, and why now?

Drawing on his studies and experience with strategic thinking, psychology, business and government communications, culture, and education, Donald Officer has watched the reconstructed spread of Post-Truth, drawing some surprising conclusions. Putting his experience as a media observer and researcher to the test, he remains astonished at the extent of the chaos. You may be all too familiar with this paradox, but his discoveries might shock while they also encourage. If we can just survive this first wave….

In this program, we will uncover a few tentative answers to these pressing questions:

  • What should I listen for and contribute to this webinar?
  • What might I expect to learn or unlearn today?
  • What are the main sources of Post-Truth in my world?
  • How does Post-Truth affect me, my family, or my community?
  • As an elder, what can I do to influence Post-Truth impacts?

Note: This is a webinar with slides. 

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, and 7 AM Hawaiian)

Topic: What You Don't Know About Post-Truth and Why It Matters

Speaker: Donald R. Officer, MA, a planner, communicator, consultant, coach, innovator, and educator for over five decades 

About Donald R. Officer Donald-Officer-small What You Don't Know About Post-Truth and Why It Matters with Donald Officer

Donald Officer MA is a non-fiction writer, independent researcher, strategic thinker and proud senior. He builds his practice as a facilitator, webinar moderator, and consultant while working on two book projects: the first exploring media literacy and positive social transformation, the second building meaningful connections among emerging contexts in collaboration with three other experienced professionals. He continues to freelance as a reviewer and writer with an extensive credit list.

Over the decades, Don has expanded his skillset by critiquing, consulting, teaching, coaching, and dialoguing. He holds certificates in facilitation, dynamic reading, hypnosis, systems. and procedures. A serious student of Positive Psychology, he belongs to the CPPA and volunteers for the IPPA.

Teaching at almost every level of formal education from elementary through post-secondary, including both community college and university, he would develop, adapt and deliver courses for the degree stream plus the continuing education arms of both university and community colleges.

Early on, he became editor and partner of an independent publishing firm, later moving on to both corporate and government editorial roles. Don also pioneered several online and distance education programs during online learning's early days and chaired the Ottawa Distance Learning Group. A university-certified facilitator and trained life coach, he develops courses for communications-oriented organizational applications, which he markets through innovative joint ventures.

Don remains particularly interested in helping workforces and multiple publics better understand change and where their contributions fit into larger schemes and systems. In policy development, administration, or communications, he spent his 19 years in the Canadian federal government pursuing those goals. He saw gaps and closed them.

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Why the Arts Matter: From Expression to Learning to Impact with Fred Mandell

The world has changed dramatically over the past year and a half. For Fred Mandell, this is only the beginning of constant, dramatic, and unpredictable changes.

Fred will share his journey from using the creative process of the arts as a model for navigating life transitions (Becoming a Life Change Artist) to his deep exploration of how the arts can prepare us to thrive in our new, rapidly changing world.

In this program you'll discover:

  • The implications of living in a constant state of change
  • How the arts can serve as a deep and practical learning process
  • The theory and science behind arts-based experiential learning
  • How Creating Futures That Work is pioneering arts-based experiential learning to help individuals, leaders, and teams navigate the new state of unending change

You will walk away with an understanding of how integrating the arts into leadership development, innovative thinking, and collaborative team dynamics can change both you and the world.

Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, and 6 AM Hawaiian)

Topic: Why the Arts Matter: From Expression to Learning to Impact

Speaker: Fred Mandell, serial entrepreneur, author, artist, consultant, and speaker

About Fred Mandell

Fred Mandell is a founder and principal with Creating Futures That Work, a consultancy that draws on the precision and focus of science and the insights and skills of the arts to elevate leader effectiveness in the areas of collaboration, innovation, organizational culture, and professional development.fred_mandell-small Why the Arts Matter: From Expression to Learning to Impact with Fred Mandell

Prior to establishing CFTW with Harvey Seifter, Fred served as a senior executive with American Express where he built leading marketing and sales businesses and ran a multi-billion dollar investment company. During his tenure, he introduced new business models for the practice of fee-based financial planning into a large financial services institution.

In 2014 Fred launched The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership, a not-for-profit entity, whose mission is to build a more peaceful, sustainable, and beautiful world by using the arts to catalyze social change. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

Fred is the author of Can Art Save Us? and the co-author with Kathleen Jordan of Becoming a Life Change Artist; 7 Creative Skills to Reinvent Your Life at Any Stage. He has been teaching the number one rated leadership series at MIT Sloan School of Management called The Leader as Artist since 2013. The Leader as Artist series is unique in the way it demonstrates the application of the art-making process to innovative leadership and organizational vitality.

As an artist, Fred has been featured in the national publication Gallery Guide. Most recently his bronze self-portrait has been commissioned for the international conference on “The Self/Le Soi” co-sponsored by the University of Chicago and the Sorbonne.

Fred holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago and an Ed.M. in psychology from Boston University. He has three grown children, six grandchildren, and lives in Lynnfield, Massachusetts with his wife Karen, a writer and teacher.

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Getting Good at Getting Older with Rabbi Laura Geller

The baby boomer generation transformed society in the 60s and 70s and changed the way the world saw young people. While this generation is no longer young, it is still revolutionary and is now confronting and challenging assumptions about aging by living longer, by being more active than their parents and grandparents, and by simply doing things differently as they age. In the process, boomers are changing the way the world sees older people.

In this program, Rabbi Geller will provide a tour for all those of “a certain age” through the resources and skills needed to navigate the years between maturity (building careers/raising families) and frail old age with humor, warmth, and more than 4,000 years of Jewish experience to the question of how to shape this new stage of life.

Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, and 6 AM Hawaiian)

Topic: Getting Good at Getting Older

Speaker: Rabbi Laura Geller, an innovator, social activist, author, the fourth woman ordained as a rabbi in the US, and Rabbi Emerita at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, CA.

About Rabbie Laura Geller Laura-geller-small Getting Good at Getting Older with Rabbi Laura Geller

Rabbi Laura Geller, Rabbi Emerita of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, twice named one of Newsweek’s 50 Most Influential Rabbis in America, was named by PBS Next Avenue as one of the fifty 2017 Influencers in Aging.

Prior to becoming one of the first women to be selected through a national search to lead a major metropolitan synagogue, Rabbi Geller served as the Director of Hillel of University of Southern California for 14 years and as the Pacific Southwest Region's Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress for 4 years. She was featured in the PBS documentary Jewish Americans. Author of numerous articles in books and journals, including Getting Good at Getting Older, she was on the editorial board of The Torah: A Women’s Commentary. She serves as a Fellow of the Corporation of Brown University from where she graduated in 1971. In addition, she serves on the boards of and the Jewish Women's Archives. Ordained by Hebrew Union College in 1976, she is the third woman in the Reform Movement to become a rabbi.

She loves being step-parent to Andy Siegel and Ruth Siegel, parent to Joshua (Janelle) Goldstein and Elana Goldstein (Zach Rausnitz), and grandparent to Avery and Levi Goldstein.

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