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Why We Get In Our Own Way Dealing With the 3 Types of Clutter with Dorian Mintzer and Sallie Felton

Have you ever found yourself wanting to scream with the piles of paper on your desk, unable to remember all the “to-do's” running through your head, or tripping over one too many items or pieces of furniture? We all have at one time or another. So why do we get in our own way? Why can't we just settle into a rhythm or routine and conquer our clutter? Listen as Sallie explains why we have clutter and how to get rid of it….one step at a time.

About Sallie Felton:

As featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX News affiliates, Sallie Felton, President of Sallie Felton LLC, is a professional life coach, former international radio talk show host, best-selling author, facilitator, international speaker, former hypnotherapist and deep imagery therapist who has helped thousands overcome limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving goals and living more fulfilling and authentic lives. Sallie has co-authored books with Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Gray, Les Brown, and other great thought leaders of our time.

In her #1 Amazon best seller, If I'm So Smart, Why Can't I Get Rid of This Clutter?  she gives readers the practical tools they need to get organized. As a personal challenge and impetus for the book, she de-cluttered her entire house for one full year. In this book, she shares her own private stories of her wins and struggles when dealing with the three types of clutter we all have: mental, emotional, and, of course, physical. She said, “I put myself out there; I wore my heart on my sleeve. It doesn't get more honest than this.”

But this is no simple “how-to” book. Sallie will go into the `why' and uncovers the hidden reasons why it can be so hard to get clutter-free and how to stay that way!

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Reinventing Your Life: Embrace the Second Half of Life with Dorian Mintzer and Suzanne Braun Levine

The challenge of this life stage is getting to know ourselves in a new context. It's a process somewhat similar to adolescence but with a greater perspective and wisdom. We have the opportunity to rediscover our values and priorities, our bodies and our relationships, and, in the process, to uncover new aspects of ourselves and discover “that we're not who we were when we were younger.”

This stage of life is a time for all of us to open up to new possibilities and reinvent ourselves. But, to do so, we need to confront some of our own internalized ageism and a society that values youth.

In this month's episode, Suzanne Braun Levine discusses reinventing our lives. We'll discuss some of the challenges and rewards women and men face during this exciting and often challenging journey and some of the “life lessons” and “milestones” along the way.

About Suzanne Braun Levine:

Suzanne Braun Levine is a writer, editor, and lecturer on women, families, and changing gender roles. The first editor of Ms. Magazine, she is the author of Inventing the Rest of Our Lives: Women in Second Adulthood, Fifty Is the New Fifty, How We Love Now, Father Courage: What Happens When Men Put Family First, and You Gotta Have Girlfriends. She is a contributor to More magazine and blogs for AARP, Huff/Post50, and others. She is an advisor to several women's and media groups and organizations dealing with midlife transitions. She is on the Board of – second acts for the greater good – a think tank on boomers, work, and social purpose.

Her book, Can Men Have It All? What the ‘”Daddy Track” Means for Women examines the changing role of fatherhood and the state of the work-life balance for modern couples, a subject she introduced in her pioneering book, Father Courage: What Happens When Men Put Family First. She lives in New York with her husband Robert F. Levine, an attorney. They have two adult children.

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On Purpose: Lessons in Healthy Retirement with Vic Strecher

The importance of purpose in life to well-being in retirement is considered. Long-held assumptions and beliefs about health and change are reconsidered. Using his book, On Purpose: Lessons in Life and Health from the Frog, the Dung Beetle, and Julia, Dr. Strecher takes us on a journey through ancient and modern philosophy, literature, psychology, genetics, and neuroscience. Healthy retirement through “repurposing” is the theme of this interview.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • A better understanding of the science and philosophy of purpose in life.
  • Health benefits of purpose in life in retirement.
  • How you can create a more authentic purpose in your life.

About Vic Strecher:

Dr. Victor Strecher received his Ph.D. in Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health in 1983. Since 1995, Dr. Strecher has been a Professor in the UM School of Public Health and until 2009, Director of Cancer Prevention and Control at the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Strecher founded the UM Center for Health Communications Research, a collaborative research-focused organization of health and behavioral scientists, educators, software engineers, and artists. Dr. Strecher has been a leading investigator on over $45 million in grant-funded studies of computer-based interactive communications for health-related behavior change and decision-making through this Center.

Dr. Strecher's latest research and book are related to the importance of developing and maintaining a strong purpose in life. His book, On Purpose: Lessons in Life and Health From the Frog, the Dung Beetle, and Julia, is written for the lay public by a professional comic illustrator as a graphic novel and is accompanied by a free iOS app, a website, and smartphone and web apps. Dr. Strecher also has a regular blog on the Huffington Post related to purpose and meaning in life.

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Eldera: Unlocking the Social Capital of Older Adults with Dorian Mintzer and Dana Griffin

Eldera is all about bringing forth the Era of the Elders. is a virtual multigenerational village where generations come together to connect, learn from each other, have fun, and create a better future for all. Eldera connects kids worldwide with vetted older mentors for weekly virtual connections, which may include conversation, storytime, and activities.

The kids benefit from social-emotional learning and increased resilience, elders benefit from a sense of purpose and expanded community, and most importantly, everyone experiences more joy. Eldera is the opposite of eldercare — it is built on the belief that elders want and need to care for the next generation — it is in our DNA.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • How do we define the social capital of older adults?
  • How can technology make it available at scale?
  • How can it impact societal change?
  • How can we envision a new intergenerational societal infrastructure?

About Dana Griffin:

Dana Griffin is the Co-Founder and CEO of, the purpose-driven global platform for older adults. She is on a mission to tap into the time and wisdom of one billion elders worldwide as a new natural resource for the next generation. Dana was raised by her grandparents in Transylvania, Romania, and has been guided by elder mentors throughout her life.

A former data and advertising executive turned age-tech entrepreneur, AI for Good advocate, and author of multiple trademarks and patents focused on aging and wisdom, Dana serves on BrightFocus Foundation and AI Commons boards. She has been advising, consulting, and speaking internationally about principled uses of AI for innovation, policy, and social impact and was recognized by AdAge as a “40 under 40 Changing the Advertising Industry.” A Vedic meditator and outspoken fan of interesting people and good food, Dana spends her time cooking, training in Krav Maga, and exploring human consciousness.

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Senior Entrepreneurs Are Driving More Social Innovation Worldwide with Dorian Mintzer and Elizabeth Isele

Social innovation is much more than having an idea. Real innovation is recognizing the value of that idea and operationalizing it through social enterprise. Research demonstrates that, contrary to the media image of an entrepreneur as a tech-savvy youth, senior entrepreneurs (aged 50+) are creating more businesses worldwide than any other age group, and an overwhelming number are creating social enterprises, including green businesses.

That being said, we should bear in mind that while experience fuels innovation, experience is also regenerative, so the opportunity is at hand to intentionally facilitate knowledge transfer across generations and foster dynamic, innovative decision-making. Catalyzing multigenerational experience generates new insights, perspectives, and multiple paths to solutions.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • how senior entrepreneurs activate and scale social innovation;
  • how older adults can be more innovative than their younger counterparts;
  • how shared intergenerational knowledge is a unique social and economic opportunity to drive innovation, boost workplace engagement, productivity, and profitability, and successful new business startups that can result in healthier societies, a more sustainable environment, and robust economies – and provide specific examples.

About Elizabeth Isele:

Recognized globally as a pioneering senior and intergenerational entrepreneurship expert, Elizabeth Isele is leading a movement to transform the culture of aging and retirement. Her passion to ignite a Silver Economy by unleashing the experience and the potential of 50+ year-olds to drive economic markets and generate social and environmental impact is grounded in data and metrics. Elizabeth embodies the Silver Economy. As a septuagenarian, after a distinguished career as an award-winning editor and author, she founded The Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship, a comprehensive, cross-sector (business, government, education, and research) ecosystem to catalyze and support intergenerational experience in the Future of Work, Entrepreneurship, and Artificial Intelligence.

She is also a Senior Fellow in Social Innovation and Entrepreneur in Residence at Babson College in Wellesley, MA, and an Associate Fellow in Finance and Global Economics at The Royal Institute of International Affairs: Chatham House in London, UK.

In the fall of 2021, she was interviewed by Globant for their Be One of a Kind series to share the one-of-a-kind VALUE of workers aged 50+. She has also published numerous reports, articles, and op-ed pieces on 50+ entrepreneurship and is continually quoted and profiled in the media and publications such as the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, etc. Elizabeth was named a Journalism in Aging Fellow by the MetLife Foundation and the Gerontological Society of America, a Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Foundation Fellow, and an Influencer in Aging by PBS

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