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Retirement: From Role to Soul with Dorian Mintzer and Connie Zweig

Episode Guest: Connie Zweig, speaker, author, Certified Sage-ing Leader, and Climate Reality Leader

Episode Description:

Most of us learn that being independent, quick, productive, and strong are highly valued and result in rewards of approval and status. On the other hand, we understand that their opposite traits – dependent, slow, unproductive, and weak – are devalued and result in disapproval and shame. So, we dread the loss of these socially acceptable traits as we age, slow down, do less, and need others more. We deny the call to retire.

If our images of and associations with retirement remain outside our awareness, dormant in the shadow, then we are blind to them. By learning to orient toward the unconscious and meet the shadows of age more consciously, we deepen our self-knowledge to include that which has been excluded for so long-a deferred dream, a secret desire, a hidden talent. Now, when the ego no longer reigns supreme, we can open ourselves and allow these banished feelings and fantasies to be heard. When our roles so clearly fall away, retirement is an opportunity for a profound shift in awareness. We can move our identity from doing, achievement, success, and image to our essential spiritual nature.

In this episode, you will:

  • Identify your unconscious images and fears of retirement.
  • Identify your romantic fantasies of retirement.
  • Determine if you are denying the call to retire.
  • Identify an unconscious inner obstacle or shadow character that stops you from stopping.
  • Learn some spiritual practices on the threshold of retirement.
  • Discover the shift in identity from role to soul.

About Connie Zweig:

Connie Zweig, Ph.D., is a retired therapist, co-author of Meeting the Shadow and Romancing the Shadow, author of Meeting the Shadow of Spirituality and a novel, A Moth to the Flame: The Life of Sufi Poet Rumi. Her newest book, The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul, extends shadow-work into late life and teaches aging as a spiritual practice. Connie has been doing contemplative practices for 50 years. She is a wife and grandmother and was initiated as an Elder by Sage-ing International in 2017. After investing in all these roles, she practices the shift from role to soul.

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The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams…at Any Age You Want with Dorian Mintzer and Mitch Anthony

Episode Guest: Mitch Anthony, Speaker and Author

Episode Description:

More than 15 years ago, Mitch Anthony broke through the ceiling of retirement planning with his groundbreaking book, The New Retirementality. He changed the conversation about retirement from one focused solely on money to one focused on purpose.

Here are the aspects of an E.P.I.C. retirement:

  • Engagement: If you don't use your body or brain, you lose them.
  • Purpose: Money can fund purpose, but it cannot create purpose.
  • Integration: There needs to be a balance between vacation and vocation.
  • Challenge: Physical, intellectual, and spiritual challenges are the hallmarks of those who continue to thrive as they age.

Mitch has been challenging and inspiring people worldwide for close to 20 years with his unique insights into the pitfalls of traditional retirement. Podcast listeners will walk away from this exciting presentation with a new outlook (and vision) of what retirement is.

About Mitch Anthony:

Mitch Anthony is the founder and president of Advisor Insights and the Financial Life Planning Institute, the leading provider of financial life planning tools and programs for the financial services industry.

Mitch and his team have provided training and development for individual advisors and major organizations worldwide for almost two decades. Mitch personally consults with many of the largest and most recognizable names in the financial services industry on financial life planning and relationship development.

Mitch is a consistently top-rated presenter who has spoken to groups ranging from 10 to 10,000. He has been named one of the financial services industry's top “Movers & Shakers” for his pioneering work.

Mitch is a sought-after expert for the media, a regular columnist for Financial Advisor magazine, and the host of the daily radio feature, The Daily Dose, heard on over 100 radio stations nationwide.

Mitch is also the author of many groundbreaking books for advisors and consumers, including perennial bestseller StorySelling for Financial Advisors, cited by Financial Advisor magazine as the number one “must-read” book for financial professionals.

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Aging in Community: New (and Old) Ways of Living Well Together with Dorian Mintzer and Raines Cohen

Episode Guest: Raines Cohen, community organizer and co-housing coach

Episode Description:

The stereotypical modern ideal of independent solo living and aging is really a new modern experiment that doesn't work well for many people. We can achieve greater independence through interdependence if we're willing to engage with neighbors or housemates to take care of one another. That's what aging in community is all about.

Many structures and ways help people preserve their privacy while they share, such as setting clear limits and building relationships over time. Having a deeper shared purpose or value can support deeper relationships and caring, more than just housemates or places to live. You can get more of what you want or need in a community living arrangement by starting with a clear list of your own priorities, but instead of treating it as a list of demands, use it as a guide to your listening, and then prioritize.

About Raines Cohen:

Raines Cohen, CSA, CLIPP, is a community organizer pioneering the field of Aging in Community. As a Cohousing Coach, he works to help people find and co-create sustainable communities, cohousing neighborhoods, EcoVillages, and all forms of cooperative shared living that blend privacy and community. He has visited over 125 North American cohousing neighborhoods, lived in two, and served as a Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Ambassador.

As a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), he loves to connect life planners and folks serving elders with new options for their clients. As a Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP), he looks for ways to help folks feel safer and more secure in their existing homes as they age and evolve to incorporate new neighbors and housemates.

He wrote the Aging in Community chapter in the book Audacious Aging, was a founding member of Elders Action Network (EAN), and serves on the boards of Sage-ing International and Gray Panthers of the Berkeley/East Bay Area. He lives with his wife, Betsy Morris, at Berkeley (California) Cohousing.

Get in touch with Raines Cohen:

Raines' Handout: Download his chapter called “Aging in Community” in the book, Audcacious Aging
Raines' website:
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Don’t Retire, REWIRE! with Dorian Mintzer and Jeri Sedlar

Episode Guest: Jeri Sedlar, author and speaker

Episode Description:

Retirement used to mean the end of work, a secure self-identity, a life of leisure, and the inevitable onset of old age. Retirement expert Jeri Sedlar will present a new retirement model – rewirement – and discuss the 5 step rewiring process from her highly acclaimed book, Don't Retire, REWIRE! Working with pre-and post-retirees, Sedlar discovered the pain, pleasure, pitfalls, and possibilities associated with planning and living in retirement, plus the lifelines needed for continuous engagement throughout life.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • How to identify your drivers or personal motivators and how they impact your future
  • The dynamics of creating a rewired life portfolio
  • The health benefits of rewiring 

About Jeri Sedlar:

Jeri Sedlar is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and lecturer on the topic of retirement. She is the co-author of the highly acclaimed book, DON'T RETIRE, REWIRE! 5 Steps To Fulfilling Work That Fuels Your Passion, Suits Your Personality and Fills Your Pocket, and ON TARGET: Enhance Your Life and Ensure Your Success.

For more than 20 years, Jeri has been actively researching individuals and organizations on the pleasure, pain, and possibilities associated with an aging society. Her findings led to the creation of the five-step Rewiring process, which focuses on finding new purpose, new passions, new play, and new work possibilities that promote healthy, fun, and fulfilling futures.

She believes that life planning in conjunction with financial planning allows individuals to leverage their personal and professional assets to the fullest. She has emerged as one of the country's leading thought – leaders on “the new way to do retirement,” or as she calls it, “Rewirement.”

Jeri has served as Senior Advisor to The Conference Board on the Mature Workforce and as a Judge for the AARP Best Employers Award for Workers 50+. She was a Delegate to the White House Conference on Aging and is currently on the AARP Executive Council of New York. 
Her passion is the non-profit sector and its related challenges, and she serves on many boards. A graduate of Michigan State, she resides in New York City with her husband.

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Women Rowing North with Dorian Mintzer and Mary Pipher

Episode Guest: Mary Pipher, Ph.D., speaker and author

Episode Description:
Women growing older contend with ageism, misogyny, and loss. Yet as Mary Pipher shows, most older women are deeply happy and filled with gratitude for the gifts of life. Their struggles help them grow into the authentic, empathetic, and wise people they have always wanted to be.

In Women Rowing North, Pipher offers a timely examination of women's cultural and developmental issues as they age. Drawing on her own experience as a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, caregiver, clinical psychologist, and cultural anthropologist, she explores ways women can cultivate resilient responses to their challenges. “If we can keep our wits about us, think clearly, and manage our emotions skillfully,” Pipher writes, “we will experience a joyous time of our lives. If we have planned carefully and packed properly, the journey can be transcendent if we have good maps and guides.”

About Mary Pipher:

Mary Pipher graduated in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley in 1969 and received her Ph. D. from the University of Nebraska in Clinical Psychology in 1977. She has worked most of her life as a therapist, and she has taught at the University of Nebraska and Nebraska Wesleyan University. She was a Rockefeller Scholar in Residence at Bellagio and has received two American Psychological Association Presidential Citations, one of which she returned to protest psychologists' involvement in enhanced interrogations at Guantanamo. She is the author of ten books, including Reviving Ophelia and her latest, Women Rowing North. Four of her books have been New York Times bestsellers. She is a contributing writer for the New York Times.

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