Disaster-Proof Your Retirement with Dorian Mintzer and Harry Margolis

Episode Guest: Harry Margolis, estate planning and elder law attorney and author who is a passionate advocate for seniors and individuals with special needs and their families.

Episode Description:
Too often, retirement plans fail due to a lack of coordination between financial and estate planning and failure to involve care managers. While we're healthy and cognitively intact, we can continue to work, travel, care for grandchildren (if we're so lucky), and go up and down stairs. Almost no financial and estate planning is necessary as long as we stay healthy. But when a spouse or we become disabled, most plans (or lack of plans) fall apart.

Age 75 is a good time to ask and answer the following questions:

  • Where do you want to live when you need help from others? Being close to children (assuming you have a good relationship) will make life a lot easier for all concerned. Make sure you can live on one floor.
  • Who will step in to take over your finances when you can no longer handle them yourself? A revocable trust is an ideal mechanism for managing financial matters.
  • Who will make health care and life decisions for you when you can't make them yourself? You need a health care proxy, but you must also talk with your agent about your wishes.
  • Do you care if all your resources are spent down on your care? At age 75, it's probably too late to buy long-term care insurance, but it can be a good time for Medicaid planning.

About Harry Margolis:

Harry S. Margolis has been representing seniors, individuals with special needs, and their families since he started ElderLawServices, the predecessor of Margolis & Bloom, in June 1987. Since then, he and the firm as a whole have helped thousands of clients pay for long-term care, grapple with the incapacity of a family member, and plan for safe and productive futures for their children and grandchildren.

For three decades, Harry served as editor of The ElderLaw Report, an attorney's monthly newsletter. His peers have recognized his leadership in the field in his selection as a Fellow of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the American College of Trust & Estate Counsel. He has been named a “Super Lawyer” since 2005 and, in different years, recognized as one of the top 100 attorneys in New England. In 2015, Best Lawyers named him Best Lawyer in America in the practice of Elder Law and Trust and Estates. He is the only elder law attorney to receive these honors.

He firmly believes that the best legal solutions are achieved through the partnership of well-informed clients and attorneys who combine great technical expertise, experience, and an ability to listen. Most recently, he began answering consumer questions online at AskHarry.info. He is also the author of Get Your Ducks in a Row: The Baby Boomers Guide to Estate Planning.

When not working, Harry resides in Brookline with his wife, college-age twins (when they're home), and a dog of uncertain breed. He loves biking and traveling, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Get in touch with Harry Margolis:
Harry's website: https://margolisbloom.com/
Ask Harry a question: https://askharry.info/ 
Buy Harry's book: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/margolis
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Why the Arts Matter: From Expression to Learning to Impact with Dorian Mintzer and Fred Mandell

The world has changed dramatically over the past year and a half.  For Fred Mandell, this is only the beginning of constant, dramatic, and unpredictable changes.   Fred will share his journey from using the creative process of the arts as a model for navigating life transitions (Becoming a Life Change Artist) to his deep exploration of how the arts can prepare us to thrive in our new, rapidly changing world.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The implications of living in a constant state of change
  • How the arts can serve as a deep and practical learning process 
  • The theory and science behind arts-based experiential learning
  • How Creating Futures That Work is pioneering arts-based experiential learning to help individuals, leaders, and teams navigate the new state of unending change
  • You will walk away with an understanding of how integrating the arts into leadership development, innovative thinking, and collaborative team dynamics can change both you and the world.

About Fred Mandell:

Fred Mandell is a founder and principal with Creating Futures That Work, a consultancy that draws on the precision and focus of science and the insights and skills of the arts to elevate leader effectiveness in the areas of collaboration, innovation, organizational culture, and professional development.

Prior to establishing CFTW with Harvey Seifter, Fred served as a senior executive with American Express where he built leading marketing and sales businesses and ran a multi-billion-dollar investment company. During his tenure, he introduced new business models for the practice of fee-based financial planning in a large financial services institution.

In 2014 Fred launched The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership, a not-for-profit entity, whose mission is to build a more peaceful, sustainable, and beautiful world by using the arts to catalyze social change. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

Fred is the author of Can Art Save Us? and the co-author with Kathleen Jordan of Becoming a Life Change Artist; 7 Creative Skills to Reinvent Your Life at Any Stage.  He has been teaching the number one rated leadership series at MIT Sloan School of Management called The Leader as Artist since 2013. The Leader as Artist series is unique in the way it demonstrates the application of the art-making process to innovative leadership and organizational vitality.

As an artist, Fred has been featured in the national publication Gallery Guide. Most recently his bronze self-portrait has been commissioned for the international conference on “The Self/Le Soi” co-sponsored by the University of Chicago and the Sorbonne.

Fred holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago and an Ed.M. in psychology from Boston University. He has three grown children, and six grandchildren, and lives in Lynnfield, Massachusetts with his wife Karen, a writer and teacher.

Get in touch with Fred Mandell:

Fred's artist website: https://www.fredmandell.com/
Fred’s corporate website: https://futuresthatwork.com/
Buy Fred's book: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/lifechangeartist
Download Handout: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/mandellslides
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Conscious Aging: Seven Keys to Awakening with Purpose and Joy as You Age with David Chernikoff

When wisely understood, the change inherent in the aging process becomes stepping-stones to the actualization of our best human qualities. In this program, David Chernikoff will distill lessons from across contemplative traditions to invite listeners to embrace seven essential elements of conscious living.

These elements culminate in wise elderhood–a state celebrated by indigenous cultures around the world, yet largely unacknowledged in contemporary Western society. For those of us who aspire to live fully and to love well as we age, this program will help empower you to personally thrive and to contribute with ever greater clarity and purpose.

In this program, you'll discover how to:

  • Embrace the mystery
  • Choose a vision
  • Cultivate intuitive wisdom
  • Commit to inner work
  • Suffer effectively
  • Serve from the heart
  • Celebrate the journey

Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, and 6 AM Hawaiian)

Topic: Conscious Aging: Seven Keys to Awakening with Purpose and Joy as You Age

Speaker: David Chernikoff, author, speaker, teacher, spiritual counselor

About David Chernikoff

David Chernikoff is a meditation teacher, spiritual counselor, and life coach who taught psychology and meditation at Naropa University for many years. In the early 1980s, he worked at Ram Dass’s Hanuman Foundation Dying Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and then became the director of Mesilla Valley Hospice in Las Cruces, N.M. He later spent three years in Nepal doing public health development work for the Seva Foundation and studying with Tibetan Buddhist teachers.

After returning to the U.S. he became the education and training director for the Spiritual Eldering Institute, now called Sage-ing International. In that role, he taught conscious aging programs throughout the U.S., in Canada, and in Ireland. David is currently one of the guiding teachers of the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado and has a private practice in Boulder. He is the author of the recently released book Life, Part Two: Seven Keys to Awakening with Purpose and Joy as You Age.

Listen to the replay here.

How To Brand Yourself in a Changed World with Dorian Mintzer and Wendy Marx

Author, speaker, reinvention coach, and branding expert Wendy Marx will describe how to brand yourself in a changing world. The world has changed and you need to also -whether you want to work part-time, volunteer, or start a new career. Marx will explain how you can take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to show your value and how you can help.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • The 5 key personal branding strategies
  • How to become a director of your life, not a passive onlooker
  • Other tips to engage people, find more meaning and purpose

About Wendy Marx:

Wendy Marx is a marketing and branding authority sought after for her ability to turn virtually unknown people into brands of distinction. As founder and president of Thriving at 50+, her proprietary coaching program is designed to help Baby Boomers discover their point of differentiation, then rebrand and retool themselves toward a more rewarding “Second Act.” Drawing on Wendy's over 30 years of experience in marketing, journalism, public relations, and counseling, her programs provide a unique mix of marketing and PR savvy blended with psychological wisdom. She will take you from a stage of uncertainty to assuredness, confidence, and success.

Wendy holds an MSW, MS in journalism and an MBA in marketing. Her articles have appeared in Fast Company, Inc., job-hunt.org, Advertising Age, The New York Times, and others. She is the author of Thriving at 50+: The 7 Principles to Rebrand and Reinvent Yourself.

Get in touch with Wendy Marx:

Wendy's website: https://thrivingat50plus.com/
Buy Wendy's book: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/marx
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We’ll Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends with Dorian Mintzer and Joy Loverde

For those with no support system, the thought of aging without help can be a frightening, isolating prospect. Whether you have friends and family ready and able to help you or not, growing old does not have to be an inevitable decline into helplessness. Maintaining a good quality of life in your later years is possible, but having a plan is essential. You'll be empowered to make proactive plans for your own lives rather than entrusting decisions to family and community.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Advice on the challenging medical, financial, and housing decisions to come
  • Real solutions to create a support network
  • Questions about aging solo readers don't know to ask
  • Guidance on new products, services, technology, and resources

About Joy Loverde:

Joy Loverde has a reputation for being a path carver and a visionary when it comes to active aging. She is the author of the best-seller, The Complete Eldercare Planner and Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old?

Joy is an expert media source, product spokesperson, keynote speaker, and mature-market consultant. She is frequently in the news. You may have seen her on the Today Show or read about her in the Wall Street Journal.

Joy will share strategies for cultivating trusting and long-lasting friendships as we anticipate the need to rely more on each other as we grow older.

Get in touch with Joy Loverde:

Joy's website: http://www.elderindustry.com/
Buy Joy's book: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/loverde
Download Handout: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/loverdehandout 
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