Welcome to the Brain Age: The Revolutionary New Science of Cognitive Health and What You Should Know About It with Dorian Mintzer and Cynthia R. Green

Episode Guest: Cynthia R. Green, Ph.D., leading expert in the field of brain health, author, clinical psychologist and founding director of the Memory Enhancement Program at the Mount Sinai Medical Center

Episode Description:

What do advances in neuroscience, increased worldwide longevity, and the obsession with agelessness of the baby boomers have in common? They are all factors in the emerging Brain Age, a time of unprecedented knowledge about the brain, cognition and cognitive wellness. Join Dr. Green to learn more about the revolutionary new science of cognitive health, including what the science really shows about interventions such as brain games and exercise and their impact on brain wellness, and how we can each begin to customize our own path to improved brain vitality. Leave with 9 practical steps you can begin immediately take action to boost your personal brain vitality.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • What it means to be brain healthy
  • How to achieve better brain health
  • Whether or not the new brain fitness software programs really work

About Cynthia R. Green:

Cynthia R. Green, Ph.D., is a leading expert in the field of brain health, clinical psychologist and founding director of the Memory Enhancement Program at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she is currently an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Green is the president of Memory Arts LLC and CEO of TBH Brands, the parent company of Total Brain Health, which offers training, products and services to improve memory and brain fitness. Core products of Total Brain Health include the Total Brain Health Toolkits line, a series of “programs in a box” designed for use in active aging, fitness and healthcare settings.

Dr. Green is the author of 5 books on brain health, both on her own and in collaboration with major brands such as Prevention and National Geographic. Her collaboration with National Geographic, Your Best Brain Ever, was named a “2013 Top Guide to Life After 50” by the Wall Street Journal. In addition, Dr. Green frequently serves as a consultant to companies on memory and brain fitness (Forest Laboratories, United Healthcare, Lifecare, Marbles) and is a highly regarded keynote speaker for organizational, corporate and association events.
Originally from North Carolina, Dr. Green lives with her family in Northern New Jersey.

Get in touch with Cynthia R. Green:

Visit Cynthia's website: https://totalbrainhealth.com/
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Geriatrica: A Traveler’s Guide with Marilyn Heins

Newspaper columnist and beloved pediatrician, Dr. Marilyn Heins, MD, has fashioned a pathway through the transformative senior years of life after having entered the octogenarian years herself. Marilyn takes on her role of tour guide through this new terrain with her typical poise and acumen, while offering a healthy dose of humor. Approaching the aging journey as a landscape in an unfamiliar country, Marilyn imagines us all to be immigrants in the land of Geriatrica. During the voyage, she visits somewhat familiar, yet not-quite-known stops along the way.

In this program you'll discover:

  • dangers and perils of the journey
  • preparations for the journey
  • scams to be attentive of
  • downsizing and housing need changes
  • the importance of simplifying
  • physical and mental health, safety, and finances in Geriatrica

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Time: 12:00 noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, and 6 AM Hawaiian)

Topic: Geriatrica: A Traveler's Guide

Speaker:  Dr. Marilyn Heins, MD, author, newspaper columnist, and beloved pediatrician

About Dr. Marilyn Heins

Dr. Marilyn Heins graduated from Radcliffe College (now part of Harvard University) and received her MD degree from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University. She interned in pediatrics at New York Hospital and completed a residency in pediatrics at Babies Hospital in New York. Marilyn served as Director of Pediatrics at Detroit Receiving Hospital and Director of Project RESCAD, a federally funded program to provide comprehensive health services for medically indigent children. She was the associate Dean for Student Affairs at Wayne State University School of Medicine and Vice Dean and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

Marilyn was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Medical Association, served on the National Board of Medical Examiners, chaired the Committee on Medical Education of the American Hospital Association, and served as the first woman Chair of the Group on Student Affairs of the Association of American Medical Colleges. She has been active in many professional and community organizations focusing on women's and children's health, parenting education, and women's issues.

Her special interests in pediatrics include helping parents and teaching health professionals how to help parents. She published 58 scientific papers and is the co-author of Child Care/Parent Care, and author of ParenTips for Effective, Enjoyable Parenting as well as A Traveler's Guide to Geriatrica.

Marilyn was the producer and host of a weekly call-in radio program called The Parenting Show, which aired on KNST, Tucson's leading talk radio station, for two years. She has written over 1,100 parenting columns for the Arizona Daily Star and continues to write.

She met her husband, a veterinarian, Dr. Milton Lipson, while on vacation in Jamaica. They moved to Tucson in 1979. They were married for 47 years until his death in 2007. Seven years ago a friend introduced Marilyn to Dr. Milt Francis, a recent widower. The two have been together ever since. She has a son and a daughter, three grandchildren, two stepsons, and three step-grandsons.

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Aging with Wisdom with Dorian Mintzer and Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle

Episode Guests: Dr. Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle, author and speaker

Episode Description:
How do we find meaning and beauty in aging, and how do we respond to living in an age-phobic culture? This month's presenter, Dr. Olivia Hoblitzelle, gets to the heart of the matter by providing examples from her own experience as well as from varied wisdom traditions and cultures that revere elders.

In this episode, you'll discover how to:

  • find the wisdom that lies within all of us, no matter the age
  • create a mindset to age consciously
  • cultivate an inner life resilient enough to handle the vicissitudes of aging
  • embrace life in all its fullness and wonder, even when faced with life's inevitable losses
  • You'll get the information you need about how to age consciously.

About Dr. Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle:

Dr. Olivia Hoblitzelle, writer and teacher, taught in the field of behavioral medicine, where she pioneered the integration of meditation, yoga, and cognitive therapy with traditional Western medicine. She also trained health professionals in new approaches to health and healing through Harvard Medical School.

For many years she taught a course on conscious aging and mindfulness meditation. Her bestselling book, Ten Thousand Joys & Ten Thousand Sorrows: A Couple's Journey Through Alzheimer's, won many awards and was translated into four languages. Her most recent book is Aging with Wisdom: Reflections, Stories & Teachings, a finalist for Foreword's “Indies Book of the Year” award.

Get in touch with Dr. Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle:

Visit Olivia's website: https://www.oliviahoblitzelle.com/
Buy Olivia's Book: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/agingwisdom
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: Positive/Vital Aging: Life Long with Dorian Mintzer, Jan Hively, and Meg Newhouse

People have been talking about “The Positive Aging Movement” for more than a dozen years, particularly since the first conference in 2007, when the oldest Boomers were turning 61 and approaching the “traditional” retirement age. With a longer life expectancy, notions about aging have been shifting. This year the oldest Boomers are turning 76, and the youngest is now turning 58. We're witnessing the “graying” of our population. In this interview, we'll focus on a broad view of the Positive Aging Movement:  How it started, how it's been changing, what it's accomplished, and where it's going.

From this episode, you will:

  • Get an overview of the Positive Aging Movement over the past 10+ years – its intellectual underpinnings, development, and accomplishments to date.
  • Understand the central concepts of positive aging/holistic thriving in the second half of life.
  • Explore what's next. Has the movement outlived its usefulness? What are the current issues? Where might it or should it be heading?
  • Consider: What would you add? What facet draws you most?

About Jan Hively and Meg Newhouse:

Jan Hively describes herself as an “Encore Entrepreneur.” In Minnesota, after a city planning and administration career, Jan Hively earned her Ph.D. in 2001 at age 69 with a dissertation on “Productive Aging in Rural Communities.” Since then, she has focused on transforming expectations for aging — realizing the potential for positive aging based on twenty-first-century trends and research.

Jan has co-founded several thriving networks that support positive aging, including the Vital Aging Network, the SHIFT Network, and a global program exchange, the Pass It On Network. As a Purpose Prize Fellow, she is an internationally known presenter and consultant for programs that engage older adult leadership and support “meaningful work, paid or unpaid, through the last breath.” Jan's academic degrees were earned at Harvard University and the University of Minnesota.

Meg Newhouse has sought to call out “passion and purpose” in her students, coaching clients, and even friends/colleagues in her professional and personal life. For nearly 25 years, she has been centrally involved in what could be called the Positive Aging movement as a post-mid-life coach, workshop facilitator, consultant, and author.

In 2002 she founded and co-led the Life Planning Network, a national community of professionals committed to a holistic model for helping people thrive in the second half of life; more recently, she has been engaged with the Conscious Elders Network from its early stages. Meg has helped plan five Positive Aging conferences, written three how-to books, and co-edited LPN's Live Smart After 50. In the past few years, she has focused on later life and legacy, represented by her book, Legacies of the Heart: Living a Life That Matters.
Meg has many other passions–foremost, her family (including four grandchildren) and friends, but also including music (as a serious amateur flutist), yoga, nature, the state of the nation and world, and all kinds of learning and personal/spiritual growth. She lives in the Boston area with her husband of 50 years.

Get in touch with Jan Lively and Meg Newhouse:

Visit Jan's website: https://www.passitonnetwork.org/
Visit Meg's website: https://www.megnewhouse.com/
Download Jan and Meg's Handout: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/hively-newhouse
Buy Live Smart After 50 Book: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/livesmart
Buy Meg's Book: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/hrhg
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The 10 Secrets of a Happy Retirement with Dorian Mintzer and Richard Eisenberg

Episode Guest: Richard Eisenberg, Managing Editor and Senior Web Editor, Next Avenue

Episode Description:
Some people have a much better retirement experience than others. What makes the difference? Having a plan and figuring out what you want out of retirement in advance so you have laid the groundwork for a retirement experience that works for you and your family.

In this episode, Richard Eisenberg outlines the ten ways you can achieve a happy retirement.

He will cover:

  • How to figure out in advance what you want out of retirement.
  • If you have a husband, wife, or partner, talk frankly together about what you both want out of retirement.
  • Plan your transition into retirement.
  • Come up with a retirement income plan.
  • Choose when to retire and then follow through (if you can).
  • Stay engaged and healthy (if you can).
  • Get a part-time job in retirement.
  • Learn new things or pursue your passions.
  • Keep a schedule, but not like the one you had before you retired.
  • See your children and grandchildren if you have any.

About Richard Eisenberg:

Richard Eisenberg is Managing Editor of PBS' Nextavenue.org, a site for people in their 50s and 60s. He is also the editor of the site's Money and Work & Purpose channels and a frequent blogger there. Previously, he was Executive Editor of Money Magazine and Front Page Finance Editor for Yahoo! He is the author of two books, How to Avoid a Mid-Life Financial Crisis and The Money Book of Personal Finance.

Get in touch with Richard Eisenberg:

Visit Next Avenue's website: https://www.nextavenue.org/

Visit Richard's articles:

Get Richard's list of resources: https://revolutionizeretirement.com/eisenberg
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