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Call Archives

2020 Calls

January 2020 -- no meeting 
February 2020 -- General discussion
March 2020 -- no meeting
April 2020 -- no meeting
May 2020 -- no meeting
June 2020 -- with Nancy Walton-House and Wendy Pender on library programs serving older adults
July 2020 --no meeting
August 2020
September 2020 -- No meeting
October 2020 
November 2020 -- Discussion of Louise Aronson's presentation about Elderhood
December 2020

2019 Calls

January 2019  Focus on Elderhood and The Saging Conference
February 2019  Discussion about Richard Eisenberg presentation
March 2019 with Connie Zweig
April 2019 Discussion about Mark Miller's book, Jolt: Stories of Trauma and Transformation
May 2019 with Joy Loverde
June 2019 Discussion about rewiring for retirement
July 2019 Discussion about working with libraries
August 2019 Discussion about entrepreneurial pursuits in the 50+ crowd
September 2019 
October 2019 No call
November 2019 No call
December 2019 Discussion recap of Lynda Smith's presentation and end-of-year issues

2018 Calls

January 2018 on topic of general conversation

February 2018 on topic of Breaking Money Silence

March 2018 with guest Sara Zeff Geber

April 2018 on topic of sharing of info learned at recent conferences

May 2018 with guest Jan Hively on Evolution of the Positive Aging Movement

June 2018 on topics of Questions We Ask Ourselves

July 2018 on topic of Second Act Careers

August 2018 on topic of Aging with Wisdom

September 2018 (beginning of program not recorded)

October 2018 with guest Louise Nayer

November 2018 Discussion about Marc Freedman presentation

December 2018 Discussion about Bruce Frankel and Paul Nagle presentation

2017 Calls

January 2017 on topic of intentions for 2017
February 2017 on topic of the New Retirementality
March 2017 on topic of Digital Globetrotting
April 2017 on topics discussed at recent conferences
May 2017 on topic of 10th anniversary of the SIG
June 2017 with Carolyn Walter on topic on Loss and Grief Reinvention
July 2017 with Bob Laura
August 2017 on topic of ageism
September 2017 on topic of Wisdom and Leadership
October 2017 on topic of Total Brain Health
November 2017 on topic of Discovering and Sustaining Your Passion
December 2017 on topic of year-end plans

2016 Calls

January 2016 with Roger Landry
February 2016 with Meg Newhouse on Legacies of the Heart
March 2016 with Mary Tyrrell on Writing Your Memoirs
April 2016 with Bob Mauterstock on Caring For Your Elderly Parents
May 2016 on Dreaming and Resilience
June 2016 with Greg Finch on Creative Caregiving
July 2016 with Tom Kottke on Positive Well-being and Healthy Living
August 2016 on Adult Development in Aging
September 2016 with Viki Kind on Caregiving
October 2016 on Agings and Adjustments
November 2016 on Memory Training and Brain Development
December 2016 on Changing Face of Retirement

2015 Calls

January 2015 on SIG Plans
February 2015 on Volunteering
March 2015 on Dark Side of Retirement
April 2015 on Unretirement
May 2015 on Gender Differences as We Age
June 2015 on the Role of Wisdom in Aging
July 2015 on Healthy Eating
August 2015 on Putting More Meaning in Our Money
September 2015 with Helen Dennis on Game Changes with Aging and Retirement
October 2015 on How We Get Attention
November 2015 on Spirituality and Aging
December 2015 with Connie Goldman on Successful Aging

2014 Calls

January 2014 #1 with Carleen McKay and Jan Hively on Life Planning Lifelong, Part 1

January 2014 #2 with Carleen McKay and Jan Hively on The New World of Work, Part 2
February 2014 #1 with Carleen McKay and Jan Hively on Life Work, Life Planning, Lifelong

February 2014 #2 with Susan Bradley on topic of What Makes Transition Expertise Important
March 2014  #1 on topic of Positive Aging Conference

March 2014 #2 on topic of Positive Aging Conference
April 2014 #1 on topic of Positive Aging Conference

April 2014 #2 with Mary Radu and Sara Zeff Geber
May 2014 #1  

May 2014 #2 with Olivia Mellon
June 2014 #1 with Kathy Jordan on Loneliness and Aging

June 2014 #2 on topic of Loneliness and Aging
July 2014 #1 on topic of Loneliness and Aging

July 2014 #2 with Toni Jones on topic of Technology
August 2014 #1 with John Sorensen

August 2014 #2 with Ron Pevny and Meg Newhouse on Conscious Aging

September 2014 #1 with John Sorensen and Meg Newhouse on Conscious Elderhood

September 2014 #2 Toni Jones on Technology of Our Time
October 2014 #1  

October 2014 #2 Focus on Loneliness and Aging Playbook  
November 2014 #1 with Liz Fideler

November 2014 #2 with Renee Rosenberg on topic of Driving Longevity

December 2014 #1 with Doug Goldstein

December 2014 #2 on topic of Planning and Strategy

2013 Calls

January 2013 with Dan Rippy
February 2013 #1  with Bruce Frankel and Kendall Dudley

February 2013 #2  with Andrea Gallagher
March 2013 #1 with Bhaj Townsend on "Making Your Family Legacy a Fact"

March 2013 #2 with Mark Singer and Sallie Felton
April 2013 #1 with Abigail Trafford

April 2013 #2 with Bruce Frankel
May 2013 #1  with Abigail Trafford

May 2013 #2 with Julie Shifmann
June 2013 #1 with Richard Fabozzi on Temporary Challenges with Throat Cancer
June 2013 #2 with Jan Cullinane on Single Woman's Guide to Retirement

July 2013 #1 with Jan Hively on Engaging Older Leadership

July 2013 #2  with Sallie Felton on Getting Rid of Internal and External Clutter
August 2013 #1 with Bart Astor on Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life

August 2013 #2   with Charles Durrett on Co-Housing Issues

September 2013 #1 with Sallie Felton on Emotional, Physical, and Mental Clutter
September 2013 #2  with Kendall Dudley and Ed Merck on Stories We Tell Ourselves
October 2013 #1   Idea Brainstorming Session

October 2013 #2  Poetry and Aging
November 2013 #1  with Toni Jones on Role of Technology as We Age, Part 1

November 2013 #2  with Toni Jones on Role of Technology as We Age, Part 2
December 2013 #1 Kathleen Rich-New on Plan B for Starting Your Business

December 2013 #2 Poetry and Aging

2012 Calls

January 2012 #1 with Dick Goldberg on Coming of Age
January 2012 #2 with Dr. Tammy Nelson on Sexuality in Second Half of Life
February 2012 #1 with Susan Trausch on Retirement Transitions
February 2012 #2 with Kerry Hannon on Finding Your Purpose and Passion
March 2012 #1 with Sally Abrahms on Caregiving
March 2012 #2  Kendall Dudley, Alan O'Hare, and Ed Merck on Encountering Aging: Discover Our Undiscovered Voices
April 2012 #1 with Mike Bonacorsi Financial on Retirement and Financial Planning Approach
April 2012 #2 Catching Up Session
May 2012 #1 with Dr. Tammy Nelson on Sexuality in Second Half of Life
May 2012 #2 no program
June 2012 #1 Meg Newhouse and Legacy Work
June 2012 #2  Howard Stone and Paul Ward from 2 Young 2 Retire
July 2012 #1 with Gary R. Jay on his book, Remarkable and Real
July 2012 #2 with Viki Kind on Compassionate Caregiving
August 2012 #1 with Joanne Waldman on Use of Assessments in Retirement Coaching
August 2012 #2 with Kris Miller on Pretirement Issues
September 2012 #1 with Fred Mandell and Kathy Jordan on The Coach's Studio
September 2012 #2 with Karen Greer on MIdtermships
October 2012 #1 with Bhaj Townsend on Five Secrets to Building Your Legacy
October 2012 #2 with Rita Foley on Reboot Your Life
November 2012 #1 with Kathleen Burns KIngsbury on Financial Net Worth for Women
November 2012 #2 with Dr Ruth Nemzoff on Making In-Laws Into Family
December 2012 #1 with Keith Lawrence Alan Spector and on The Retirement Quest
December 2012 #2 on Catch Up and Brainstorming Session

2011 Calls

January 2011 #1  with Connie Goldman  and Alan O'Hare on Stories of Positive Aging to Start the New Year  
January 2011 #2 with Kendall Dudley on Stories and Positive Aging
February 2011 #1 Part 1 with Bruce Frankel on Conversations with Positive Aging

February 2011 #1 Part 2 with Bruce Frankel on Conversations with Positive Aging
February 2011 #2 with Alan O'Hare, Ed Merck, and Kendall Dudley on Stories of Positive Aging
March 2011 #1 with Jeannie Lindheim on Trusting the Moment
March 2011 #2 with Ellen Good on The Myths of Hospice
April 2011 #1 with Roberta Taylor and Dorian Mintzer on Book Writing Process
April 2011 #2 with Bernie Saunders on Bridging Transition Gap Between Adult Children and Their Parents
May 2011 #1 with Karma Kitaj
May 2011 #2 with Bev Scott on The Third Act
June 2011 #1 with Carleen MacKay on Work and Older Client
June 2011 #2 no program
July 2011 #1 with Carleen MacKay, Doug Dickson, Mary Radu, Jan Hively on Global and Technological Changes in the 21st Century
July 2011 #2  with Anita Hoffer on Sexuality in Mid and Later Life
August 2011 #1 Sara Zeff Geber
August 2011 #2 with Bernie Saunders on Bridging Transition Gap Between Adult Children and Their Parents
September 2011 #1  with Kendall Dudley, Gene Burnard, and Kit Hayes on Confronting Age Bias in America
September 2011 #2 with Betsy Werley 
October 2011 #1  Bill Roiter Beyond Work--How Accomplished People Retire Successfully
October 2011 #2 no program
November 2011 #1 no program
November 2011 #2 with Joseph Pulitano on Long-Term Care Insurance
December 2011 #1 no program
December 2011 #2 Discussion of Positive Aging Conference

2010 Calls

January 2010 #1 Discussion about your call to action for 2010
January 2010 #2 with Caroline Adams Miller on How to Unlock Your Dreams with the Science of Positive Psychology
February 2010 #1 with Connie Goldman on Who Am I Now?
February 2010 #2 with Barbara Babkirk on Vocation in the Second Half of Life
March 2010 #1 Discussion on the value of the individual in the workplace
March 2010 #2 with Martin Siano of The Boomer Authority
April 2010 #1 with Barbara Babkirk on Vocation in the Second Half of Life Part 2
April 2010 #2 with Roberta Taylor and Meg Newhouse and Africa Trip
May 2010 #1 with Bill Sadler and Fay Bower Why Retire? Third-Age Strategies for Nurses
May 2010 #2 with Carleen MacKay on San Diego Learning Forum
June 2010 #1 with Barbara Babkirk on The Importance of Language
June 2010 #2 with Rick Moody on Dreams for the Second Half of Life
July 2010 #1 with Gail Liebhaber and Sally Gelardin on Overturning the Stereotype of Egocentric Boomer
July 2010 #2 with Candy Spitz on Wakeup Calls: Telling Your Story
August 2010 #1 Discussion on Moving From Surviving to Significant
August 2010 #2 with Alan O'Hare on Founding the Life Story Theatre
September 2010 #1 with  Kathleen Burns Kingsbury on Creating Wealth From the Inside Out
September 2010 #2 with Ed Rogoff Becoming Your Own Boss at Age 50
October 2010 #1 with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury on Why and How to Talk With Your Adult Children About Money
October 2010 #2 with Doug Dixon, Andrea Gallagher, and Meg Newhouse on The Life Planning Network
November 2010 #1 with Fred Mandell
November 2010 #2 with Ed Merck on Beyond Aging Gracefully
December 2010 #1 no program
December 2010 #2 Discussion on The Positive Aging Conference

2009 Calls

January 2009 #1  Discussion on Third Age Leadership
January 2009 #2 no program
February 2009 #1  Topic Brainstorming Session
February 2009 #2 Discussion on Long-Term Care Insurance
March 2009 #1 with Joanne Hadlock on Looking for a Job in Difficult Times
March 2009 #2 Discussion on positive psychology to help you get organized
April 2009 #1 no program
April 2009 #2 with Denise and Marcus Archie
May 2009 #1 with Gillian Leithman and Lin Schreiber
May 2009 #2 with Brian Kurth of Vocation Vacations
June 2009 #1 Round table discussion with Mary Radu, Lynne Berrett, and Cynthia Barnett
June 2009 #2 with Gene Burnard, Kitt Hayes, and Carleen MacKay
July 2009 #1 no program
July 2009 #2 with Denise and Marcus Archie on Marketing to Our Generation
August 2009 #1 with Denise and Marcus Archie and Wayne Mansfield on Teleconference Marketing to Our Generation Part 2
August 2009 #2 with Jan Hively on Changing Expectations for Work and Retirement
September 2009 #1 with Meg Newhouse on Positive Aging Conference
September 2009 #2 with Candy Spitz on How Connections Can Keep Us Engage and Carry Our Messages Into the World
October 2009 #1 with Dr. William Sadler on Why Retire? Career Strategies for Third Age Nurses
October 2009 #2 with Jeri Sedlar
November 2009 #1 with Gail Liebhaber
November 2009 #2 with Gina Ogden on Four Aspects of Sexuality that All Coaches and Therapists Need to Understand
December 2009 #1  Catching up with members
December 2009 #2  Discussion about Positive Aging Conference

2008 Calls

January 2008  Planning for Boomers and Beyond SIG
February 2008 #1 Discussion on member activities
February 2008 #2  with Jan Fulwiler, Lin Schrieber,  and Howard Stone
March 2008 #1 with Ted Klontz and Rick Kahler on Collaborating with Financial Professionals
March 2008 #2 with Deborah Abel on Discussing Money with Clients
April 2008 #1 with Donna Krone
April 2008 #2 with Candy Spitz on Aging in America Conference Briefing
May 2008 #1  no program
May 2008 #2 with Richard Leider
June 2008 #1 with Lin Schrieber on Marketing Challenges
June 2008 #2 on Positive Aging
July 2008 #1 with Gayle Colman on Mind-Body Approach in Financial Coaching
July 2008 #2 with Catherine Fitzgerald on Midlife Psychology
August 2008 #1 on Psychology of Second Half of Life
August 2008 #2 with Gillian Leithman
September 2008 #1 with Donna Gunter on Get More Clients Online
September 2008 #2 with Helen Dennis and Bernice Batter on Project Renewment
October 2008 #1 with Carleen McKay on Return of the Boomers
October 2008 #2 with Olivia Mellan on Money Myths for Women
November 2008 #1 with Jan Hively
November 2008 #2 with Joan Ditzion 
December 2008 #1 with Sandy Davis How to Thrive Without Stress
December 2008 #2 with Fred Mandell 

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